Fenix Flashlights – What They Are and Where They Are Made

There are hundreds of flashlight brands that make all kinds of flashlights and lighting tools, although there are only a few brands or companies that are considered the best when it comes to producing high-quality products with good reviews. One of these brands is Fenix, which has been quite popular in recent years because of the great quality of the products they are making, and these products are getting good reviews online. 

So, what is Fenix? And what are the advantages that Fenix flashlights have compared to other flashlights? Let us find out the answers to these questions by looking at what Fenix flashlights are and where they are made.

What is the Fenix Brand?

Fenix is a brand of personal lighting products that was founded in 2001 in Shenzhen, China. The success of the Fenix brand was quite slow, although the popularity of the brand began to increase when the company opened Fenix-Store.com, which is their own web store that started selling Fenix products in 2005. The said web store is specifically designed to cater to customers in the United States, and by the late 2000s, the store became one of the largest and most trusted retailers of flashlights and Fenix products in the country.

In April 2022, Fenix-Store.com was acquired by a new owner named Mark D., who is an army veteran with more than 27 years of active duty service, and most of those years are spent within a special operations community that has had dozens of combat deployments. As stated on the About Us or Info page of the web store, the new owner is dedicated to raising the bar in terms of bringing great quality products and good customer service.

Besides Fenix-Store.com, there are also other online shops and physical retailers that sell Fenix products in the United States and other countries. So, if you are going to buy a Fenix flashlight, you wouldn’t really have a difficult time finding a shop that sells Fenix products.

Where are Fenix Flashlights Made?

light of a flashlight

Many are wondering, “Where is Fenix flashlights made?” And because of the Fenix brand’s popularity in the United States, a lot of people believe that Fenix flashlights are made in the USA. However, as evident in the FAQs (frequently asked questions) found in Fenix-Store.com, Fenix flashlights are actually manufactured in China, so they aren’t really made in the US, although they are distributed and sold in the said country.

There are two official distributors of Fenix flashlights and lighting products in the United States, and these are Fenix-Store.com and FenixLighting.com. Fenix-Store.com is operated by Land Run Brands, which was founded in 2006 and has been instrumental in the growth of Fenix Flashlights in the US market. In addition to Fenix, Land Run Brands also operates other brands such as Open Goaaal!, Gear For Life, and CR123 Batteries.

Besides the Fenix-Store.com web store, Land Run Brands also has the Fenix Wholesale program wherein you can buy Fenix products in bulk, which is advantageous for agencies or companies that want to give flashlights to employees that need them for specific tasks. The Fenix Wholesale program is recommended for law enforcement units that are required to have flashlights with them at all times.

What are the Different Kinds of Fenix Flashlights?

The Fenix flashlights line is divided into numerous series that are categorized based on their size, features, and functions. Here are the different series of flashlights that Fenix offers on their web store or for their retailers and resellers.

  • E Series – made to be compact and economical without compromising the brightness of the flashlights.
  • FD Series – flashlights with LED lights and an adjustable beam focus so that you can minimize how much you want to brighten at night or while in the dark.
  • LD Series – specifically designed for outdoor use and can be used for camping or for search and rescue.
  • PD Series – flashlights that are fully featured and are made for professionals that need a high-quality and durable source of lighting.
  • RC Series – this series features LED flashlights with integrated charge ports.
  • TK Series – flashlights with high strength and durability that are suitable for tactical, law enforcement, and industrial use.
  • SD Series – LED flashlights that are designed for diving.
  • MC Series – features flashlights with unique designs and adjustable heads.
  • UC Series – USB rechargeable flashlights that are ultra-bright and lightweight.

Picking a series of Fenix flashlights can be quite difficult for some people, but for you to make the best choice, we recommend that you check out the Fenix web store and see each and every flashlight that they offer to see which one suits your preferences or needs. For home use, the E series or the FD series flashlights are great to use. But for the outdoors, you would need a more durable and brighter flashlight, which is offered by the LD series, PD series, and TK series. Choose the best flashlights for different types of uses so that you will have variety when it comes to lighting.

What are the Other Products that Fenix Offers?

LED flashlight

Besides flashlights, Fenix also offers different lighting products that are for both indoor and outdoor use. If you want to buy more products from Fenix other than flashlights, here are the gadgets or tools that the brand offers.

  • Headlamp – this piece of headwear is specially designed to give you hands-free lighting, as there is a set of straps on headlamps that are used to secure the small flashlight on your forehead. What’s great about the straps of the Fenix headlamps is that they are adjustable, so you can customize the fit of the straps to feel more secure and comfortable on your head.
  • Bike Light – the Fenix bike lights are like LED flashlights but are installed or clamped on the handlebar of your bicycle. If you regularly do biking at night, you would need Fenix bike lights so that you can see the road better while also giving a signal to other bikers, drivers, or motorists that you are biking on a specific spot on the road.
  • Lantern – Fenix LED lanterns are specifically designed to give you better lighting outdoors than what flashlights can usually offer. LED lanterns would give you 360 degrees of illumination, so people that are with you will also benefit from the lighting that Fenix lanterns provide.

These are all you need to know about Fenix, the brand’s flashlights, and the other products that they offer to customers. Check the reviews for various Fenix products so that you will know which one is the perfect lighting item for your needs.