Ways to Stay Entertained When the Power Is Out

One of the worst days that many people experience at least once a year is a day when the power at home is out. Whenever the power is out, it means that there is no electricity that can give power to computers, gadgets, television sets, and other pieces of technology that keep us entertained or occupied while in the house with friends or family members.

We have become so used to using gadgets and electricity that once they run out of power, we have nothing else to do at home, at school, or in the office. Fortunately, there are still ways for us to entertain ourselves and our loved ones even when the power is out, so we don’t really need to rely on gadgets or machines to have fun. Here are the different ways to stay entertained when the power is out.

Read a Book

If there is still sunlight when the power goes out in your home, there is a chance for you to read a book. For bookworms, reading a book is already a source of entertainment for them, even if there is electricity at home. But for those that don’t read books, the activity can be quite a chore. However, if you want to increase the number of hobbies you have or you just really want to find ways to spend time while the electricity is out, you should definitely try reading a book.

There are many titles and genres of books that you can read today, but if you are a beginner, the best books for you to rid our children’s books like Harry Potter or young adult (YA) books like the ones written by John Green. Children’s and YA books are very accessible, so try reading one of them if the power is out at home or even when it isn’t.

Play Non-Electric Instruments

Playing instruments is also very fun to do, especially when the power is out in your city, since there are no gadgets or machines that can overpower the volume of the instrument you are playing at home. Much like books, there are a lot of instruments that you can play at home, but the easiest to play is probably the acoustic guitar since you can already play many songs with just a few chords.

If you want to make it more fun, you can invite friends or family members to play instruments with you and set up a mini-concert where you will all play non-electric instruments like the piano, the guitar, the ukulele, the beat box, and the drum set. Playing instruments will make you spend so much time that you wouldn’t even notice that it is already evening. However, practicing or learning to play an instrument also takes time and effort, but it will all be worth it since playing music is quite fun.

Learn How to Make Art

A form of entertainment without electricity that you should also try out is learning how to make art, which can be done in the form of drawing, painting, or sculpting. Learning how to make art is quite easy, as there are really no rules in what you want to do and create as an artwork. However, if you do want to learn specific styles of art, you would need to get lessons on how to follow a certain style.

In learning how to make art or play instruments, we often rely on our smartphones, tablets, and computers on step-by-step guides found online. However, when the power is out, we really don’t have access to those online guides. Fortunately, there are lesson books that you can purchase in bookstores that tell you everything you need to know about creating art. In addition, if you already have a painter or artist in your family, you can also ask him or her to teach or guide you on how to make artwork.

Play Board Games

playing the Monopoly board game

Another very fun activity that you can do with friends or family members is playing board games, which can be quite competitive and exciting if all of you have different strategies for winning various board games. There are quite a lot of board games for you to choose from, but some of the most popular ones include Monopoly, Scrabble, the Game of Life, and Chess.

Unlike learning to play instruments, learning how to play board games doesn’t take a lot of time, so this activity may be more suitable for you if you don’t have plenty of free time for entertainment or having fun. Play board games when the power is out so that you and your loved ones will be entertained for hours without worrying about anything.

Perform a Workout Routine

In order for you to stay fit, you will have to work out frequently during your free time. Luckily, even if the power is out, you will still be able to perform various workout routines without the need for electric treadmills and exercise bikes.

To perform basic workout routines, you only need yourself and proper exercise gear like training shoes. Then, you can just create your own routine without relying on gadgets or machines telling you what to do. Before the power goes out in your home, it would be best to take time to research different routines that you can do on your own that don’t need exercise machines.

Tell Stories with Loved Ones

candles for light during a power outage

One of the best activities that you can do while the power is out at night is to tell stories of your life and of particular moments with loved ones. Sharing stories with friends or family members will surely tighten the bond between you and them, as you will be able to learn more about their life and their struggles.

Of course, you are also free to tell whatever you want, but if you want to lighten up the mood, you can tell the most embarrassing things you did in public or some of the funniest things you witnessed while at home or outdoors. Sometimes the simplest activities bring the most fun and excitement for you and your loved ones, and one of those activities is telling stories that are happy, sad, funny, and hopeful.

Keeping you and your friends or families entertained when the power is out is very easy to do, as there are plenty of activities that you can do without the need for gadgets or electrical machines. Never rely on gadgets for you to function, as they don’t work all the time and you will eventually have to find solutions to problems on your own instead of looking for them on your device or the internet.