The Best Alternatives to Candles

In case of a power outage, most people use flashlights and emergency lights at night. However, when the power does not come back shortly, flashlights and emergency lights might eventually run out of batteries. Therefore, another source of light that is popularly used by people is candles. In fact, candles are the easiest lights to make during an emergency situation. And aside from using it as a source of light at night, you can also use candles for cooking, and as well as for heating purposes.

If ever you run out of candles or you can’t find any at stores, don’t worry because there are many things that you can use as alternatives to candles during an emergency. You might have plenty of items at home that can be turned into a candle. It’s because candles rely on two simple components only, which are wick and wax or fat. If you are wondering what these things are, then you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to give you a list of the best alternatives to candles.

1. Crayons

If you have kids at home, it’s likely that you will find crayons lying around the house, and you can turn them into candles in case of an emergency or power outage. You can melt crayons and mold them into candles. Or, you can also simply burn them on their own without melting them down. What’s great about crayons is that you do not need to find a wick anymore. Just heat up the bottom of a crayon and stick it on a surface and light its top. A piece of crayon can burn for as long as 30 minutes. It is probably the easiest item to turn into a candle.

2. Oranges

If you have oranges in the kitchen, then you can also turn them into candles when a sudden power outage occurs. What you need to do is slice the top part of the orange to remove the peel, and the center pith will serve as the candle. After that, pour in some cooking oil like olive oil or canola oil, then light the center pith. The larger orange you use, the longer it will burn.

3. Crisco Shortening

You can also turn a single can of Crisco into a candle that you can use for up to a month. It’s because a can of Crisco can burn for 8 hours every day for a month. All you need to do is to stick a wick down the center of it, then push the Crisco back around it. After that, you can light it up and start using it as a candle. You can also put more than one wick in it if you want more light. If you like to spread the light around different rooms in your house, you can transfer some Crisco in smaller containers.

4. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is popularly used as a fire starter for survival situations. But did you know that you can also use it as an excellent candle alternative? Yes, but you can’t use it in its plastic container. What you need to do is to dip it out and transfer it to a different container. After that, just add a wick into it, and you’ve got yourself a candle.

Another way you can do is by dipping a cotton ball into the petroleum jelly. Then, fold it up into foil, cut a small x in the foil, and then pull a bit of the cotton through the hole and light it. That can burn for up to 30 minutes.

5. A Can of Tuna

You can also check your pantry for a can of tuna, salmon, or any fish packed in oil. It’s because you can also turn that into a candle. All you need to do is poke a hole in the top of the can using a screwdriver. After that, insert a wick and spread the oil up through the top. Light it, and you now have a candle alternative to use in case of an emergency.

6. Cheese Wax

Cheese wax is usually used to keep cheese fresh. But it is also a great material to use in making an emergency candle. If you have a waxed cheese at home, slice the wax off and mold it into a cylinder shape. Then, insert a wick to it and light it up. The more wax you use, the longer-lasting the candle will be. Just make sure that you have a flame-resistant base that will hold your improvised candle.

7. Butter

Since butter is made out of fats, it burns best as a liquid or warmed oil. All you need is to have it melted on a shallow dish and put some wick on it. Slice a stick of butter in half, then use a small square of toilet paper by rolling it as a wick. Rub some butter on the wick and light it. It can burn for up to 4 hours.

8. Liquid Oils

If you have an oil lamp at home or a wick holder for an oil-based light, then you can also use liquid oils like olive oil, canola oil, and coconut oil as a candle alternative. You can also make a lamp out of an aluminum can. Fill it with some oil, place a wick, and then light it like a candle.

9. Bacon and Hamburger Grease

If you are usually cooking bacon or hamburger at home, you can turn their grease into a candle, too. After cooking, pour the grease into a jar around a cotton fiber wick. Let the grease cool and then light it. Make sure that you are using a non-flammable container like a glass jar because bacon grease is a soft substance.

10. Lip Balm

Since lip balms are usually made of either petroleum jelly or from natural oils like jojoba oil or coconut oil, it means that it is also a great candle alternative. It is easier for lip balms in little tins to be turned into a candle. It’s because you only need to add a wick to them, and you already got your own little candle. But if you are using a lip balm that is in a plastic tube, you can just roll it clear up and squish it into a container that you can burn it in and add a wick to it.

These are some of the best alternatives to candles that you can consider utilizing. Most of these items are usually found around the house. In case of an emergency power outage, you now know which items to use if ever you do not have any available flashlights, emergency lights, or candles around.