Professional basement waterproofing. How to save money by choosing a professional contractor?

Professional basement waterproofing is one of the most important ways to prevent basement flooding. Basement waterproofing is a long—term solution to prevent water from entering the basement, preserve the integrity of your home and turn it into a safer and more comfortable place to live. Solutions for wet basements can be a difficult and expensive task for homeowners. On the other hand, if you are struggling with leaking foundation walls or with water rising from the floor of your basement or underground, finding an economical solution can save you a lot of money in the long run.


  •   Basement waterproofing services are a one—time installation.
  •   This is a decision that can last a long time.
  •   It does not affect any of the areas directly above the basement.
  •   It protects, strengthens and protects the base.
  •   This will not lead to the depreciation of your home.
  •   This process is less costly than other types of waterproofing.

It is also a big responsibility to find and choose a reliable business. You can search for companies on the Internet and compare them by reading reviews and ratings. When it comes to basement waterproofing, don’t wait too long to solve, because over time the problem will only get worse, increasing the cost of installing a waterproofing device. In addition, there is no need to choose the cheapest service; Money for waterproofing can be considered as an investment in increasing the value of your home. If you are looking for basement waterproofing experts near me, then look at the options from Pom Group Waterproofing company.

Internal or external waterproofing?

The best method of waterproofing the foundation is to prevent water pressure on the outer walls of the foundation and its ingress into the premises. A drainage system installed inside or outside the foundation rarely requires maintenance and will keep your basement dry for years to come.

When you decide whether to arrange internal or external waterproofing, follow the following recommendations. If your basement is unfinished and is used mainly for storage, an outdoor solution is recommended. If you have a beautiful landscape design around the perimeter of the house, which took years to create, you can also recommend an internal solution. If you often search Google for “exterior basement waterproofing near me“, this means that the problem is already serious and it’s time to order services from professionals.

Of course, if you have a beautifully furnished, finished basement and landscaping outside, it will be more difficult to make a decision.

Waterproofing Construction companies

For the device of high—quality and durable waterproofing, it is necessary to choose not just a construction organization that does everything in a row or which has waterproofing, this is a secondary or secondary direction, namely a company whose main specialization is waterproofing, drainage and drainage. When choosing a company whose main specialization is not protecting a building from water, you will most likely encounter the fact that its knowledge of waterproofing is limited to some general facts and excerpts from articles on the Internet. Since such a company does not have much experience in waterproofing, it most likely does not see the whole picture and is not familiar with new technologies and materials and, accordingly, is likely to perform these works poorly or incorrectly.

How to find a professional waterproofing company?

1. Year of foundation

Look for companies that have been around for at least a few years. Durability and stability are important characteristics that you need to look for in a company that promises to give you a guarantee after completing its work.

2. Recommendations and portfolio

Carefully study the recommendations and portfolio of the company you are applying to. Ask them to provide you with a list of anchor sites where they have performed similar activities to the ones you need. Ask them to give you the opportunity to visit the current facilities where this organization performs work. A large organization always has facilities in production, visiting which you will be able to verify the availability of staff, team coherence, etc.

3. The presence of an office and staff

Make sure that your chosen organization has an office and staff. Most companies on the Internet consist of 2-4 people and a small room rented. Take your time and visit the office of your chosen contractor.

4. Guarantees

If the contractor is confident in his technological solutions regarding waterproofing, then he will not apply a guarantee for his work, and this guarantee cannot be less than 5 years. If the warranty period is lower, then it is unlikely that the contractor firm is confident in its decision or in the material used. A team of workers or just a builder found on a bulletin board on the Internet, no matter how much he praises himself – in fact, he will not be able to give you a guarantee for his work and in case of leaks, he will most likely simply disappear.

5. The range of services provided

For waterproofing and drainage, it is best to choose a company whose specialization is waterproofing and drainage and not everything about everything.

Firms whose specialization is finishing, monolith, general construction, etc … are unlikely to be able to perform high-quality waterproofing, since:

  •   Due to lack of experience, they do not see the whole picture,
  •   They are not familiar with all possible waterproofing materials and technologies (or know about them superficially).
  •   Employees of such an organization perform waterproofing work in between and they do not have their hands full and their skills are not honed (in most cases they just watched a video on the Internet, which describes how to perform certain works).

6. Methods of work and materials used

When choosing a contractor to perform waterproofing, it is best to choose a company that is not tied to one or two technologies or materials (for example, performs work only with surfaced materials or only with a membrane), and choose the company that performs work with different materials and methods and when making a decision does not come from what they have in stock or it depends on the method they specialize in, but on the needs of your object and its problems.

7. Availability of own fleet and specialized equipment

Large contracting organizations always have their own equipment, not rented. Pay attention to the presence of your own vehicles, this indicates that the company is large and stable.