Fenix Flashlights – What They Are and Where They Are Made

flashlight in use

There are hundreds of flashlight brands that make all kinds of flashlights and lighting tools, although there are only a few brands or companies that are considered the best when it comes to producing high-quality products with good reviews. One of these brands is Fenix, which has been quite popular in recent … Read more

What to Look for In a Tactical Helmet with Night Vision

tactical helmet with goggles

Night vision goggles are very useful for various tasks or purposes. These goggles are not only seen on soldiers but also on fishermen, hikers, miners, and other types of workers that would usually work at night. As the name of the gadget already suggests, the night vision goggles allow the user to … Read more

Can You Use Any Helmet for a Night Vision Helmet?

Night vision goggles on military helmet, closeup detail to blue reflective lenses

You may be a hunting enthusiast for quite a while, but you may also be a first-timer when it comes to night vision devices. For those who like to go out in the woods or somewhere else at night, they often bring night vision devices to help them see better in dark … Read more

Having the Right Urban SHTF Gear Can Save Your Life

Hand completing Emergency Preparation List by Equipment

Like many other things, living in a city has pros and cons. But it seems that nowadays that the cons outweigh the pros – the high cost of living, the lack of spaces to live, pollution, contamination, noise, and crime.  Not the mention that living in the city leaves you more at … Read more

Can You Find MRE Meal Flavors in Specific Style?

mre meal packs

Part of readying yourself for emergencies is stocking up on non-perishable and ready-to-eat meals. If you are not familiar with MRE, the acronym stands for Meal, Ready-to-Eat. They are self-contained standard field ration for the United States military. While MREs have always been known as military food, they are also available for … Read more

Civilian Vegan MREs – Is There Such a Thing?

vegetable lasagna and beef ravioli

Now that you have an idea that MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) are not only necessarily used by the US military. MREs are also available for civilian consumption, having found their way into bug out bags and emergency food pantries.  MREs have come a long way. The number of dishes has expanded and the … Read more

Types of Bags for Bug Out Bags

man in tactical outfit with backpack

Are you preparing for disasters for the first time? If you don’t know about emergency preparedness kits and bug out bags, don’t worry. This article will help you get familiar about bug out bags and the benefits of having them. It will also introduce you to the bug out bag types that … Read more

Making Coffee on the Go with a Portable Coffee Maker

aeropress outdoor

It’s confirmed: coffee is now a part of your life. It’s now a part of your system. You cannot go through a day without a hot cup of joe. Everywhere you are – at home, in the office, at the park, or wherever – a cup of coffee is always your companion, … Read more

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Emergency Candles

lit candles

According to research, the average American consumer will experience at least two power outages per year, and these power outages will last at least 200 minutes. You’re probably thinking, a 200 minutes power outage doesn’t seem that long, but always remember, that is just an average calculation. Some power outages can go … Read more

Does Refrigerating Batteries Help Them Last Longer?

top view of batteries

Most of us probably heard the old wives’ tale that keeping batteries in the freezer can help them last longer. But then again, with the technology that we have today, such as reliable power supply and power banks, it seems that we have never looked for different ways to extend the life … Read more