Are Automatic Doors Safe?

Are you a homeowner deliberating on whether to go for automatic doors or regular doors? In this article, you will get to know the advantages and disadvantages  of automatic doors because the question of if they are safe lies solely in it.

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These doors are meticulously designed to ensure safety and uninterrupted movement of people in and out of a building. 

Advantages Of Automatic Doors  

  1. Accessibility: Automatic doors are easy to access and it provides an easier path to the interior of a building.
  2. Versatility: They are available in various designs whether big or small, all sizes that fits your entrance are readily available. 
  3. Convenience: Automatic doors provide homeowners with utmost convenience, as the doors open by themselves and you can access the interior of a building even if you’re carrying something with both hands. 
  4. Security: The door has several in-built safety measures to ensure your safety and also prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing your building. 

Thinking about the problems associated with automatic door solutions? Here they are;

Disadvantages of Automatic Doors: 

  1. Installation Process: These doors are large equipment and it requires the expertise of a professional before it can be installed. This process can be very difficult to carry out at times, because it needs to be accurately and efficiently installed.
  2. Cost: Automatic doors are a lot more expensive when compared to regular doors.
  3. Maintenance: Maintenance of automatic doors is more difficult than regular doors. It possess locomotive parts that must be serviced at regular intervals.
  4. Cleaning: Cleaning of these doors can prove to be a very complex task, as the internal parts have to be cleaned and polished at regular intervals to prevent accumulation of rust. 

Now to the opening question, Are Automatic Doors Safe? The simple answer is YES! You can increase safety for all automatic doors with regular maintenance while you’re also prolonging its supposed lifetime. As long as you adhere to the safety tips stated below, then you have no cause for alarm. 

Automatic doors were solely made for easy entry and exit wherever they are installed. Here are important tips you can follow to ensure your doors keep working without hassles:

  1. Ensure the moving parts of the automatic doors are never restricted by any object, as restrictions in movement may damage the door mechanism. 
  2. It is advisable that Automatic doors are inspected weekly and also Serviced annually. This will ensure the protection and efficient movement of the building users. 
  3. Automatic Doors and their sensors shouldn’t be touched with water at any point in time.
  4. Power supply must be cut out when cleaning automatic doors. 
  5. Do not force your way through when the door is closed. 
  6. Keep the door and its pathway clean at all times, this will ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the automatic door.
  7. Check for any looseness in the automatic door hardware spreader connector and the ground wheel also known as swing stopper, and If any looseness is noticed, do well to reinforce it as soon as you can.