5 Reasons Why You Need to Beef Up Your Security

Feeling safe in your home or office is one of the most important needs that should be fulfilled. On Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety ranks second with good reason. Safety is one of the fundamental needs all human beings have and if not satisfied it can lead to many problems.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to worry about crime and beefing up our security. But our tumultuous world makes security cameras installation and CCTV installation a necessity. Being prepared is one way of taking your power back and increasing your sense of security.

In this article, we’ll share some valuable insights on why it’s important to enhance your security systems provided you have some in place. If you haven’t started implementing security such as CCTV camera installation and other measures, we’re here to get you started.

The most vital aspect of increasing your security measures is the peace of mind it affords. Your family’s well being is at stake so make sure you have no regrets when it comes to their safety. Take the necessary steps to safeguard them against any eventuality. The power is in your hands.  One option to consider are GoPro Cameras and GoPro Accessories that can give you great security options.

Crime is Escalating

The number of robberies and burglaries are on the increase worldwide. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, 819,000 residential burglaries were reported in 2011. This number keeps climbing yearly and the cost of burglaries is estimated at $600 million.

Perhaps you’re one of those people who think your neighbourhood is relatively safe and nothing bad ever happens there. Don’t be fooled. Many victims of crime thought the same until it happened to them. But you don’t have to be another statistic.

Evaluate your home and office honestly & check if you have sufficient security to prevent a burglary. If your best form of security is only a burglar door or a lock, you’re in trouble. You need an advanced security system for better protection.

If you opt for security camera installation it’ll be your eyes when you’re not there. CCTV installation is quick and allows you to monitor your property 24/7. You won’t be caught off-guard when you have this in place.

Replacing Your Valuables are Costly

Even if you’ve insured all your valuables, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to replace it at the same market value. When you consider the effect of depreciation on your short term assets such as fridges, washing machines, and other valuables, replacing them can be costly.

Also, you can’t put a price tag on family heirlooms and special treasures because of their sentimental value. Why take the risk of losing your special belongings in a burglary if it can be avoided?

And what if you don’t have insurance on your valuables? We all know insurance premiums can be pricey so who can blame you for avoiding that extra expense. The only way to safeguard your belongings is by having a proper security system in place.

Your Family

Your family is your number one priority and their safety comes first. Ensure they’re protected and secure at all times by installing:

  • Security cameras: CCTV camera installation is popular because it’s effective. It gives you visual access to your property at any time. You can view it remotely from any Android or iOS device for easy access.
  • Automated gates: Remote controlled gates allow you access to your property without the risk of getting out of the car. Set a time limit on how fast the gate should close to avoid criminals tailgating you.

Protecting Your Livelihood

Are you working from a home office or renting office space? Then you have to consider installing a security system that’ll protect your business assets. Here are some more steps you can take to beef up security at the office:

  • Install an alarm system
  • Implement a biometric system for staff to use their fingerprints to enter the building
  • CCTV installation and security cameras can be your eyes when you’re not around

Also be sure to check out vivint as a great option.

Protecting Yourself

Usually, the head of the home places themselves lasts on the list when it comes to protection. You’d do everything to protect your family and business but neglect to protect yourself, right?

With the crime and homicides reported daily your life has become a commodity which criminals trade with. Protect yourself by assessing all the dangerous elements in your environment.

Maybe you need an armed response that can respond within minutes? Do whatever it takes to protect yourself so you can continue to look after your family.  Be sure to check out these home security tips.

Final Thoughts

Safety isn’t an easy topic to discuss as it brings you face to face with your mortality. Most of us want to get on with life and leave the depressing thoughts of crime behind us. But to live a peaceful and free life you must make safety & security a priority.

Start by implementing an effective security system that’ll give you peace of mind. Make it a point today to evaluate your current security system critically and beef it up where necessary. If you haven’t got any security in place yet, now is the opportune time to get started.