10 Turkish Hand Bags You Should Buy

If you are still chasing the bags of foreign fashion houses, you need to renew your fashion vision. Because royal families now show up at parties with bags produced by Turkish designers.

Complete your Style with Stylish Bags!

Isn’t it the only accessory bag to accompany you in your casual outfits, going to work or school, or at a stylish evening party? Each outfit, each place, in short, each mode has a separate bag. So, by keeping your bag collection a little rich, you can have a bag suitable for every fashion. Bag models that appeal to different styles and are suitable for use in different environments are with you with Turkish rich product selection!

You can choose one of the women’s straw bag models, choose women’s Turkish leather hand bags that will accompany you in the pace of daily life, and complete your sports style with waist bags on an evening out in the summer place. You can choose the one that reflects you the most among the Turkish women’s handbags that are suitable for every mode, every combination and every occasion!

The most striking category nowadays, as the Turkish design world is developing, is undoubtedly the bag category. When we said bag design 5 years ago, we always thought of foreign brands. Nowadays, our own brand of bags in Turkey’s market has become almost compete with foreign brands. For this reason, we have listed Turkish bag brands that you must discover.

Manu Atelier

Nobody has heard of Manu bags, right? Beste and Merve monastery founded by the brother of the brand reputation has already exceeded the borders of Turkey. Manu is now sold at important luxury points such as Netaporter, Selfridges, Browns and has built his own fan base abroad. Demi and Pristine models of the bags, each produced in Istanbul, managed to become iconic in a short time.

Mehry Mu

Mehry Mu, which was established in 2006 long before the rise of Turkish bag brands in recent years, is a brand that comes up with brand new designs every season. For the bags of Mehry Mu, founded by Güneş Mutlu Mavituncalılar, we can call it a synthesis of east and west.

While we encounter the western influence as a silhouette in the bags of the brand, we often see eastern inspired fabrics and patterns.


Established by merging the names of Mina, Serra and Lara – 3 sisters, Misela made its debut in New York. The brand with timeless designs is one of the Turkish brands that have achieved success abroad, just like Manu Atelier. With its customizable models, Misela was most recently spoken of in collaboration with Mrs Alice.

Mare Atelier

When we look at the designs of Mare Atelier, a brand-new bag brand, the first word that comes to mind is retro. The most prominent model of the brand, inspired by the designs of the 60s, is the “Dembag” above.


Another prominent brand of recent days is Rossea. Founded by Rozita Kandiyoti and Deniz Karmona Benbiçaço, the brand managed to gain a place in the Turkish bag world in a short time. Rossea, which combines materials such as suede and leather to create colorful designs, is already sold in many different stores.


Kayya Bags, founded by Burak Kaya in 2015, is a brand that we have come across frequently on social media lately. Our favorite is the Marde model among the leather Kayya bags, each handcrafted in their workshops in Istanbul.

Have you met 333’s accordion bags? Established by Gülşah Gürcan, the most striking part of the brand is the accordion model in different colors that looks longer when filled, and shorter when empty.

Kia Ora

Ceylan Toplamaoğlu and Melis Erdoğan’s brand, Kia Ora, is among the most original designs we have seen among Turkish bag brands recently. The name of the brand, which focuses on designing functional city bags, comes from the Maori culture.

Catto Catto

Founded by two graphic designers, Catto & Catto has unusual and fun designs. You can personalize your bags in Catto & Catto, where inspirations, colors and different materials taken from animal motifs are used together.

Hoop the Bag

Hoop the Bag, founded in 2012, is a brand with extraordinary models. One of the goals of Hoop, which attracts attention with its fun designs, is to produce with hand workmanship instead of mechanization and mass production in the fashion industry. The brand is also among the 2018 finalists of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards competition held in America.


Founded by Merve Palit Okcan in 2016, the brand adds modern touches to classical forms. Among the most striking products of the brand is the ‘Angelique’ bucket model.