Top 3 Reasons To Get An Electrical Safety Inspection This Winter

Electricity is an integral part of life. You probably turn a light on without thinking about it, plug your phone in to charge, and cook without a thought about the power and the danger of the electricity flowing through your home.

The simple truth is that electricity is dangerous, it has the power to kill you and does kill roughly 75 Australians a year. In short, it needs to be treated with respect.

The best way to do this is to speak to a reputable local electrician Sydney and get them to perform an electrical inspection. It can be done at any time of the year but just before the winter is an excellent time as your usage, and therefore the strain on the system will increase.

If you’re not sure that an electrical inspection is for you then consider the following top reasons to have an inspection done.

1. Reduced Risk Of Fire

One of the most common causes of a house fire is an electrical issue. Thanks to the increase in reliance on electricity, circuits are more frequently overloaded and old or bad wiring causes sparks that can ignite any flammable substance.

Unfortunately, once the fire has started it can spread incredibly quickly.

Because so many fires are caused by electrical issues, it makes sense to have the electrical system tested every year. A qualified electrician will identify any issue and can remedy the situation for you. This will reduce the likelihood of you losing everything in a fire.

2. Awareness of Any issues

The electrical inspection will highlight obvious issues such as flickering lights, audible hums, and sparks when operating sockets and switches, all things that can indicate wiring problems and short circuits. These all need to be repaired quickly.

But, the inspection will also highlight any impending issues, such as a voltage drop at your water heater. This will forewarn you that your heater needs looking at, repairing, or even replacing. Being forewarned means you will have the opportunity to put funds aside and deal with the issue without risking safety or crippling yourself financially.

3. Insurance Compliance

Finally, you may not realize it but your insurance may require you to have an annual inspection. It is worth taking a look at the terms of your insurance to see if this is a necessity or not.

However, even if the insurance company doesn’t specify the need for an inspection, if the fire is found to be caused by bad wiring they can still refuse to payout. This will be based on the grounds that the electrics weren’t in compliance with current regulations.

The only way to prove they were is to show you had them inspected. When you compare the cost of an electrical inspection to the amount you could lose when the insurance company doesn’t payout, it makes an annual inspection the best investment you’ll ever make. It is also hopefully one that you’ll never need to put to the test.