Tips for Using Tactical Pens for Self-Defense

Even though the name may make it sound fake and all gimmicks, tactical pens are essential tools that professionals use in several disciplines. It is a multi-tool that you can use to stab or strike for self-defense. That is why no matter what situation you’re in, having a tactical pen with you will be helpful because it can serve as your weapon. This article will learn more about tactical pens and how you can use them for self-defense. 

What Makes a Good Tactical Pen?

Back then, tactical pens were only sold to law enforcement and the military to use in active duty. But as more and more people got interested in EDC or everyday carry tools and survivalism, tactical pens became more common in the market. 

But as the demand for tactical pens grew, the market also became flooded with low-quality, cheaply-made tactical pens that look just like the original ones but don’t actually provide the level of performance and features that you need in an actual tactical pen. 

When you’re looking for a tactical pen, you should pick the ones that are built of solid materials such as titanium or steel so that you would not have to worry about it breaking when you use it to strike a hard material or another person. It would be best if you also kept in mind that the body of the tactical pen should also be thick enough for you to hold comfortably without slipping. 

If the tactical pen that you want comes with other tools such as a glass breaker, make sure that they are all securely placed into the pen’s body. Trust us, and you would not want your tactical pen falling into pieces while you’re using it in a middle of a tense situation. 

How Does a Tactical Pen Work?

A tactical pen looks just like a normal pen with ink and a body. The only difference is that its body is made with steel or aluminum. They also have a thicker body, which is why it adds weight, which adds force when you swing it and use it as a weapon. Tactical pens also have hardened tips that cannot be easily deformed, and it also allows you to focus all your force into a small area which results in your strike’s effectiveness. 

Some tactical pens come with DNA catchers and ink written on wet documents or even upside down. This means that you can also use a tactical pen in other ways, not just self-defense. Keep in mind a good tactical pen can also be of good use, even if in less civilized situations. 

Where to Place Your Tactical Pen? 

Once you choose the right tactical pen for you, the next thing you need to think of is where you will put it. Most tactical pens come with an integrated clip so that you can easily slip it in the front pocket of your pants while you let the clip of the tactical pen hook onto the bag so that it won’t fall off. 

You can also place your tactical pen in the pocket of your coat or shirt. If you always bring a bag, it is another good place to put your tactical pen. However, a pickpocket could reach this in your bag and steal it when you’re not looking.

Whatever the case may be, we suggest that you put your tactical pen in a place where you can easily reach it at all times. This way, you can draw your tactical pen as quickly as possible. If you’re still a newbie when it comes to some pen-removing skills, we suggest that you practice slipping it out quickly while you’re at home. 

Have a Proper Mindset While Using Your Tactical Pen 

A tactical pen is not considered a weapon, and you can bring it with you while you’re traveling. But, owning a tactical pen means that you should always keep in mind that it can be and it’s still used as a weapon. That is why you should always maintain a proper self-defense mindset and treat your tactical pen with the same treatment as you would a knife or any other deadly weapon. 

Remember that the best way to minimize harm to yourself is to avoid dangerous situations. Proper self-defense always requires preventing or resolving conflicts so that they would not result in violence.

How to Use Your Tactical Pen

  • Assess Your Situation –Before you bring out and use your tactical pen, do not forget to assess your situation first. As we mentioned, one of the most important things you should remember when preventing any violence is to avoid it. But, if you get caught up in a potentially violent situation such as a robbery, it is always important for you to read the room first and think about the thing you’re going to do next. 
  • Know Your Target –If you cannot avoid a violent situation, it is time to bring out your tactical pen. Assess the attacker and look for critical details before attacking. Remember that a tactical pen does not have much power and has a limited range. That is why it is essential for you to look at your attacker’s clothing or at the exposed parts of their body. This is because it is where the tactical pens can do most of the damage. Aside from that, you should also check if your attacker has a weapon or if they are already holding it in their hands. 
  • Strike – Once you determine your attacker’s weak spot, your next goal is to injure him deep enough so you can buy your time and get away from them. If you want to cause instant damage to your attacker, you can try to stab them in their vulnerable points such as their neck, temples, eyes, as well as solar plexus. 


As we mentioned, the best self-defense is to avoid any trouble in general. A tactical pen and any self-defense tool should always be your last resort. That is why we hope this article answered your questions about tactical pens, and we hope that you can feel and stay a bit safer on the streets.