Guide to Having the Right Urban SHTF Gear

Most survivalists and preppers often prepare to survive the wilderness. They do not think about how to stay in the urban jungle. This is because surviving in the wild and the city is two different things. Most people in America live in urban areas, and the streets in the city can be just as challenging and mean in broad daylight. That is why when disaster strikes, you have to make sure that you will have all you need to survive. 

What is an SHTF Kit?

An urban SHTF kit is a collection of tools and items you’ll most likely need when you’re in an emergency. SHTF stands for “Shit Hits the Fan,” and these kinds of disasters or events include natural disasters such as an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, bank failures, stock market crash, or any large-scale financial crisis. Not only that, but SHTF evens can also be unnatural acts such as terrorism and negligence. 

What Do You Need to Have in your SHTF Kit?

Aside from having survival skills, you should also have the right tools and equipment to ensure survival. That is why we made this list of SHTF survival gear items that will surely help you survive whatever emergencies and disasters you may face. 

  • Knives – The first thing on your SHTF survival gear list is survival knives. These are both useful in wildlife and urban survival. When you have a handy knife with you, you can use it to prepare food, open canned goods, hunt for food, make your shelter, fix things, cut ropes, and defend yourself from attacks. Most people like folding pocket knives because they are great for day-to-day use. They are easy to carry, and they won’t take too much space in your SHTF gear bag. They might look small, but they can also be heavy-duty and works just the way a knife should. One of the factors that you should be looking for in SHTF gear is that it should be handy. 
  • Multitool – Multitools are easy to carry, and they got everything you need. From pliers, a scissor, a screwdriver to a cork opener, and a knife. Whether you’re looking for an EDC multi-tool or an SHTF bug-out kit. 
  • Firearms – You can also include firearms in your urban SHTF gear. But, always remember that you should only use firearms in self-defense and in situations when it’s necessary for survival. Always keep in mind that:
  1. Firearms should always be treated as if they are loaded.
  2. Keep your finger off and out the trigger guard unless you’re ready to shoot.
  3. Do not point your firearm at anything that you’re not willing to destroy. 
  4. Make sure of your target and your surroundings.

Along with this, make sure that the firearm you’re going to include in your SHTF gear will fit your body and suit your needs. But whichever guns you choose, it all comes down to how you train yourself to be safe and how comfortable you are when you’re handling your firearm. 

  • First Aid Kit –After making sure that you have the tools to hunt and survive the apocalypse, you have to make sure that you also have a first aid kit. An efficient first aid kit contains over-the-counter first aid medicines such as pain killers, cough medicine, heartburn medicine, and loperamide. Aside from that, it should also have primary wound dressings for cuts and grazed limbs such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, tourniquets, bandages, and gauze. You should also have supplies to treat rashes and burns, as well as tampons or sanitary napkins for women. 

If you also have the budget for it, you can also include pulse oximeters, blood pressure cuffs, and a blood sugar checker. Remember, having the ability to diagnose problems accurately is always beneficial when treating someone injured or sick. 

  • Protective Clothing – When adding protective gear and clothing to your SHTF kit, always remember that you want to be protected from the attacks and elements. Make sure you pack comfortable clothes that you can layer, and they should be appropriate for your environment. Always consider sun protection, rain gear, and clothes that will keep you warm during the winter. Aside from that, you should also have items that can protect you from attacks, such as body armor, survival belts, and tactical clothing. It would be best if you also had respirators, face masks, and gas masks in case of airborne attacks. 
  • Water –This is one of the most important things that your SHTF kit should have. You will never know when you’ll get stuck in a place with no clean water available. That is why you need to have stocks of clean water to drink and a reliable way to purify water so that you don’t run out of water to drink. 
  • Food –Aside from having clean water to drink, do not forget to stock up on your food supply and make sure that you have enough food to last you for a week or even a few months. Your emergency food supply should have ready-to-eat foods such as crackers, canned goods, beans, energy bars, snacks, and beans. It will also be helpful to stock up on foods that have a long shelf-like or do not quickly spoil. 

Along with this, make sure that you also have proper food storage to help you keep your food secure and readily available. Also, your survival food must be easy to transport and carry so that it will be easy for you when you’re on the move. 

  • Backup Power, Flashlights, and Emergency Communication – Your SHTF kit should have a portable power kit that can recharge via solar power. Do not forget to include this in this kit because it can help you restore your headlamps, flashlights, digital devices, phones, emergency lights, and radios. But, do not entirely rely on this. Make sure you also have extra lighters and batteries just in case the power of your portable power kit is not enough for you. 

It would be best if you also had emergency communication devices such as radios, long-range walkie-talkies, batteries, phones, and a reliable whistle so that you can alert people of your location.

  • Navigation tools –You may not be able to access the internet or rely on GPS when you’re in an emergency. That is why it would help you a lot to have a physical map of your state or your area. This will help you navigate to your desired destination, locate temporary shelters, and find your way around detours. 

These are just the primary and most important things that your essential SHTF survival gear must-have. Remember that this list is nothing without your participation because you are the key to surviving any situation. Aside from preparing all these things, you should also be preparing yourself emotionally and mentally for any crisis. Remember not to panic and calmly face your problems one by one. Always be mindful of your surroundings and never second guess a hunch.