Tips for coming up with better Videos on Camera

Everybody’s greatest desire is to come up with videos of them looking good. Are you comfortable when recording videos? It is important not to overlook your appearance. Practice acting yourself. Do not feel weird or act abnormally. For more customized content on the subject, get in touch with

The following are simple tips to ensure you come up with a better video: 

The lighting of the Set

When shooting a video, always try your best to eliminate all the harsh shadows. The shadows interfere with the face of the subject. It is wise to consider the environment you are shooting in. When using natural light, you have to ensure the subject is well lit. Or, you can use led video lights to light up the subject. Here, you place the artificial lights above the subject and others in line with the video camera. When you follow the lighting tips, you are likely to come up with good videos where the subject looks very good.

Camera Positioning

It is proper to place your camera right above the eye line of the subject. It applies to all subjects, whether short or tall. It also helps you avoid experiencing double chin situations. Using a tripod can assist in achieving this kind of positioning for taller subjects.

Choice of Clothes

When going for video shoots, it is appropriate to wear clothes that have solid colors. Do not put on attires that have large logo displays. Avoid clothes with wrinkles or clothes that have tight patterns. They confuse the viewers. The type of attire you wear sends a message to the audience. Putting on official clothes and casual clothes communicates a different message to viewers. The message you intend to relay to the viewers should match your clothing. Once you have ensured comfort in your clothing, you will look comfortable in your video. 

Avoid putting on jewelry that causes distracting noise in the video. Noise makes the video not appealing to listen to. Chains and loose watches are an example of such jewelry.


If you feel comfortable going for the shoot in your natural skin, do it. You do not need to apply make-up if you are not used to it. By doing this, you will not feel comfortable throughout the video recording. If you are a make-up person, go for it. Apply the make-up to your satisfaction. It is important to ensure that the make-up you apply is not affected by the heat the lights generate. 

Choice of Background

Using bright backgrounds alters the way the camera captures the subject’s skin tone. The bright backgrounds reflect more light to the camera. It is advisable to use dull backgrounds such as the grey backdrops. If you do not have the backdrops, you can use a natural setting. All you have to ensure is not having distractions in the background. Using low apertures sharpens the subject while blurring the background, thereby reducing distractions.

General Performance

When shooting, the subject should have a happy face. If you are the subject, ensure that your points go with relevant gestures. Use gusto when finishing your lines, but do not overdo it. In post-production, you can do away with unnecessary scenes. Maximize the time you use when presenting your ideas. Make sure you always drive the intended message to the viewers. Do not do a shoot when you are not in the mood for it. When sick, you can always reschedule your shoots. 

When you adhere to all these tips, you will notice a change in your videos. Interesting and good-looking videos attract a wider audience increasing your viewership.