The Best Alternatives to Candles

In case of a power outage, most people use flashlights and emergency lights at night. However, when the power does not come back shortly, flashlights and emergency lights might eventually run out of batteries. Therefore, another source of light that is popularly used by people is candles. In fact, candles are the … Read more

All You Need To Know About Real Night Vision Goggles

Night-Vision Goggle (NVG) conjures up a picture of action-thriller movies in which the characters are trying to observe people or activities at night. As always, movies bring us close to reality and the night vision goggle is not an exception. At first, they were mostly used by military officers and people in … Read more

Home Cooking Tips during a Power Outage

When you heard through the news that a storm is coming, you have to get prepared or a power outage. Well, you’ll never know for sure when will power be out as natural disasters may come unexpectedly, but if there are reports, it doesn’t hurt to get well-prepared. Before you brave the … Read more

Things You Realize When the Power Is Out

Electricity is one of the many discoveries that have shaped people’s way of living. For most of us, it is nearly impossible to live without electricity because it helps us cook our foods, give us light, and power our appliances. Well, most people, when they think of the electricity going out, the … Read more

How to Survive in the City Without Power

Living without electricity is not as easy as you think it is, especially when the majority of your household items depend on it to function. There are lots of technologies managed by electricity that provide us with important things, including heat, water, food, transportation, energy, communication, and as well as entertainment.Without power, … Read more

Emergency Tools For Hurricane Preparedness

As I type this, Tropical storm Dorian is headed towards Florida and deciding whether it is going to become a full-blown hurricane. Like most Floridians, I am going about my day-to-day activities without too much concern about the impending storm. Sure, it gives me some “big news” to check on throughout the … Read more

Tips for Staying Healthy When Bugging Out

A person filling a cup with water from a mountain stream

If you are serious about preparedness, you should always keep yourself and your family ready for a bug out. It is a term that means your home is compromised due to a disaster, and you are sure that the area is now not safe enough to live. If this is the case, … Read more

Tips for Preparing for Earthquakes

front view of a house collapsed due to earthquake

Depending on where you live, earthquakes can be a common occurrence and can happen without any warning. However, only severe earthquakes can cause catastrophic damage to homes and buildings and loss of lives. As earthquake happens without any signals or warnings, one must always be prepared for it and know what exactly … Read more

Reasons to Learn First Aid during an Emergency

A person performing CPR on a dummy

Emergencies like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or civil disorders can cause a lot – both in terms of structural damage and loss of lives. One must know how to provide proper first aid during such an emergency when someone is in immediate need for it. Knowledge of basic first aid can be the … Read more

Natural Remedies for First Aid Needs

A first aid case consisting of medicines and bandages

When we say first aid, everyone might think about the first aid kits in their homes that include pain killers, bandages for minor cuts and wounds, etc. But are these enough for all types of emergencies like a bee stings, shortness of breath, scrapes, and burns? Isn’t it necessary that we all … Read more