Most Effective Methods To Prevent Bug Bites

Bug bites are inconvenient. They will usually result in a red mark and it will commonly feel itchy for a while after it occurs. It can make your skin appear unsightly and you more self-conscious.

But in some cases, bug bites can actually be dangerous as they are capable of passing on diseases. Both of these are excellent reasons to be vigilant or bugs. If you think there are considerably more than usual at your home or in your yard it is a good idea to contact your local Fox pest control and have the problem looked at by a professional.

They will eliminate the issue and suggest ways to prevent the bugs from reappearing.

Of course, there will always be some bugs present, that’s why you need to know the most effective methods to stop them from biting you.

Keep Covered

The first rule to prevent bug bites is simply to keep covered. It is hard for a bug to bite your skin if they can’t get to it. However, you should note that many bugs will bite through thin clothing. That means you can still be at risk if you wear tight-fitting clothing. To prevent the bugs from biting you need to choose looser clothes.

Stay Calm

Bugs, especially bees and wasps, won’t bite or sting unless they feel threatened. When you wave your arms around they instantly feel threatened and, will bite or sting to protect themselves.

Instead of waving and panicking, stay calm. The bug will realize you are of no interest to them and that you are not a threat, they will then leave you alone.

Use Products

It can help to use products on your skin to keep the bugs away. One of the most effective is products with DEET in them. Bugs simply don’t like the chemical and will stay away. However, you do need to reapply it regularly to make sure it stays effective.

You can also use natural products, specifically essential oils such as lavender and peppermint, most bugs are not fans of these.

Avoid Perfumes

Perfumes are generally sweet-smelling and attract bugs as they think they are heading for a flower. It is best to avoid using sweet-smelling perfumes when you are likely to encounter bugs unless you are trying to keep all the bugs away from anyone else in your group.

Skip Still Water

Bugs, like all living beings, need water to survive. They are therefore attracted to still sources of water. This is especially true for mosquitoes that leave their eggs in the water. Avoid still water sources or you are likely to get bitten. Another best thing to do is to order Mosquito Trap Accessories online.

Use Netting

If you have a favored outdoor area and are struggling to enjoy sitting there because of the bugs then you can solve the issue by using mosquito netting. This is fine enough to prevent most bugs from getting in, allowing you to enjoy your garden in peace. It doesn’t prevent the sunlight and air from entering your space.