How to Set Up a Safe Space for Kids

Parents always strive to give their children everything the best, including the safety and quality of the surrounding environment. Setting up a safe space for children is not just the so-called professional duty of parents but also a social responsibility.

Setting up a safe space for kids: Significant aspects

The main rule for baby’s safety parents should remember is that the baby should always be in the field of an adult’s view. So, how to organize the space at home to make it safe? The doors need to be locked, or the stoppers need to be installed. If the baby can already crawl or walk – the doors can be a serious cause of injuries. If there are stairs in the house, it is better to make them inaccessible for the child. Also, the glass doors and miracles have to be applied with protective lamina in the case of breakage. The best way is to organize the baby’s personal space with all the needed equipment. 

Attention should be paid to the production of safe materials that do not contain harmful substances when choosing furniture, toys, and any other things for the baby’s room. The heavy furniture should be fastened, and drawers should be locked. Moreover, it is better to install soft pads on the furniture’s sharp corners. Protect your child from falling. Do not leave your child alone on high furniture, even for a moment.

Safety at home is provided by protecting electrical contacts from children. The access to the sockets, wires, electric and gas appliances, and objects that work on batteries should be closed.

Proper lighting and ventilation are important too. Organizing them can help to avoid problems with health. 

Dangerous subjects to avoid

When setting up a safe space for the kid, dangerous objects need to be considered. What items are better to keep out of the child’s reach?

  • glass and heavy iron dishes, forks, knives, and bottles;
  • medicines, chemicals, cosmetics, cigarettes, butts, alcohol, fuel, technical water;
  • objects with small parts that a child can choke on or put in the nose.

Proper nutrition is one of the key aspects of safety

Balanced nutrition is one of the most important parts of children’s safety. Breastfeeding suits as the best way of nutrition for kids. In the case that a child needs bottle feeding, the choice of proper formula becomes a significant one. Moreover, the choice of organic baby formula has a great part in providing safety and quality nutrition. One of the best ways to provide the best choice is to select trusted brands with high reputations. One of the variants to do so is to check European baby formula brands at 

The selection of formulas through the website lets parents cover several things:

  1. Get familiar with ingredients. Parents can discover the composition of organic babies’ formulas in detail. It gives an opportunity to make sure that the formulas do not consist of any harmful additives or allergens. 
  2. Check the certification. Trusted European brands always have certificates of quality that testify to the compliance of products with the highest safety and organic standards. For example, the brand Holle has milk in its formula, which is produced at Demeter-certified organic farms. The Demeter certification is one of the highest organic certifications in Europe. The brand HiPP has European organic and HiPP organic seals. The HiPP’s seal means that products for the formula were checked for pollutants very thoroughly. 
  3. Evaluate the customer’s feedback. The best way to know that a product is safe is to hear it from other parents who used it. Parents’ feedback can help to make a justified decision. 


Setting up a safe space for the kids is an important task for every parent. The significant aspect of safe space is to watch and evaluate every object in the house. Among such objects can be furniture, doors, and stairs. Also, it is better to keep the child away from dangerous objects. And it is important to remember that a child’s safety comes as well from the inside as outside. That’s why optimal nutrition is a crucial factor for this. Rely only on trusted brands of organic baby food with certifications, reviews, and guarantees of the highest quality possible.