Common Warning Signs That Your AC Is Dying

As the weather warms up the air conditioning comes on. However, you may not have spent much time thinking about your AC unit since you turned it off for the winter. That’s a mistake as a unit that is serviced regularly by specialists in industrial air conditioning is likely to last much longer than one that is ignored.

Regardless of whether you have your AC unit regularly serviced or not, it will have a finite life. Knowing when it is dying will help you plan for its replacement. Here are the most common signs that your AC is dying:

Strange Noises

Your air conditioning unity is not the quietest machine on the planet but it should have a smooth engine sound. If you start to hear strange noises, such as ticking, chattering, rumbling, or even rattling then it’s fair to say you have an issue. The question is what you can do about the issue.

Rumbling usually indicates the motor mounts are failing. It is possible to replace the mounts but you’ll need to verify that no other damage has been caused.

Rattling noises also suggest a mounting issue but it is more likely to be with the compressor.

Ticking noises suggest the compressor is struggling to turn on and off, which means it has a very short life left. Equally, chattering noises are indicative of an issue with the compressor that needs urgent attention.

Reduced Air Flow

When the airflow is reduced the most common cause is dirty filters. Cleaning these can help. However, if they have been like it for a while then there will have been an additional strain on the motor and it is likely to fail. It can also occur when your filters are clean but the compressor is dying.

The Air Isn’t Cold

Air conditioners put out ice-cold air to help cool a room to the desired temperature. If the air coming out is just cool, or even warm, then the compressor is almost certainly failing. The good news is that the unit may be saved. The compressor is probably running poorly due to a reduced level of refrigerant.

If the refrigerant level is low it can be topped up by a professional. However, you’ll need to check for refrigerant leaks. The leak will need to be cured before the system is refilled. Not all leaks can be cured.

Electrical Issues

If you are constantly resetting your circuit breaker when you turn the AC on, then it is telling you that something is not right. The most common cause of this is a compressor that is overheating. This causes a bigger power draw which can trip the breaker.

If you keep resetting the breaker you are likely to have a fire.  The real question is whether you can fix the compressor or have it replaced, or if the unit has reached the end of its life;

In all cases, it is best to get a professional to assess the issue and advise you regarding what you need to do. This will help you to keep your AC unit going for as long as possible.