Are Crossbows The Best Survival Weapons?

For preppers and survivalists looking for the best type of survival weapon, it’s tough to beat the modern day crossbow. The ideal survival weapon needs to be ultra-durable, totally weather-proof, easy to repair, dependable, and shoot projectiles that are easy to store and reusable.

While rifles and handguns are often considered the best choice, modern crossbows may be a wiser option.

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Consider gun ammunition, for example. It’s one and done. There’s no re-using a shotgun shell or rifle cartridge more than once.  They are expendable. They also need to be kept relatively dry in storage or they will rust. And if the gunpowder becomes moist, forget about it!

Guns also require extensive cleaning in order to remain operational and accurate.  Leave a gun uncleaned for a length of time and the gunpowder residue can literally eat away at the rifling and internal components inside the chamber and trigger mechanisms.

Guns are also extremely loud.  Harvesting game animals with stealth is impossible with a gun. Everyone within a half mile or more is going to hear each gun shot and become alerted to the shooter’s location.
On the other hand, crossbows offer similar accuracy and power as many rifles, only in a format that is super quiet and using projectiles that can be used again and again.

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In a survival situation, crossbows offer many advantages

• Versatility: Crossbows can be used for both hunting and self-defense, making them a valuable tool for survival situations.
• Power: Crossbows have a higher energy output than traditional bows, which means they can take down larger game more efficiently.
• Range: Crossbows have a longer effective range than traditional bows, allowing for greater flexibility in hunting and self-defense.
• Durability: Crossbows are made with strong, sturdy materials that can withstand harsh environments and rugged use.
• Ease of use: Crossbows are relatively easy to learn to use, even for beginners. They also have less physical strain compared to traditional bows, making them a better option for older or weaker individuals.

I’m not saying “Sell your guns and rely solely on crossbows” as part of your survival or prepping strategy. Instead, consider adding a crossbow to your bug out bag or as another weapon in your bunker or cache of survival items.
Many websites feature crossbow reviews with details on the different hunting crossbow models that are currently available.

Prices on crossbows have come down considerably over the past 10 years as more and more states have allowed them to be used for big game hunting alongside traditional archery hunting bows.
And shooting a crossbow is very similar to firing a rifle, so the learning curve is practically non-existent.  It’s easy to read crossbow reviews for tips on what crossbows offer the best features for the money.

In a survival situation, having a deadly weapon on hand that can dispatch enemies and game animals silently and with superb accuracy can be a huge advantage over traditional rifles and shotguns. Consider adding a crossbow to your list of survival items and you won’t be disappointed!