3 Common Types Of EDC Knives

When it comes to choosing an everyday knife (EDC), it can be one of the most difficult tasks that you’ve ever had to do. The markets are filled with several different types of EDC knives which can only cloud your judgement even more. However, EDC knives should be chosen based on your desired needs. Read on as we dive into the top 3 popular EDC knife types.

The Folding Knife AKA Folding Pocket Knife

First on our list is the folding knife. These are widely popular with the handle and blade being connected by a pivot. This makes it easier for the blade to fold into the handle of the knife. This knife easily fits into your pocket and it even comes in several types and styles including the even more convenient and quick spring assisted knives.

Folding knives usually come with either multiple blades or single blades and they’re either serrated or smooth. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing this type, it’s best to consider your daily routine. If you work in an industry where you need to cut cardboard, you’ll benefit from serrated blades. These knives are safe, very versatile, and they’re an exceptional choice for an everyday knife.

Fixed Blades

Next on our list is the fixed blade knife. Its name alone should give you a clear indication of what to expect. Since fixed blade knives do not fold into itself, you’ll need to have the blade protected when not in use. Just like other knives, there are also a ton of different types of fixed blade knives available.

These are simply categorized based on their uses. Some of these include combat knives, diving knives, hunting knives, survival knives, boot knives, and many others. So, before you purchase a fixed blade knife, it’s best to think of how you plan to use it. This ensures that you select the perfect one for you.

Multi Tool Knives

Last on our list is the multi-tool knife. These are among the most versatile that you can take around just about everywhere that you go. The best thing about these is that they’re more than just a knife. With the multi-tool knife, you’ll have multiple tools with you on the go and they can be very useful in your everyday life.

One of the most common type of multi-tool knife has a bottle opener, a knife of course, a screwdriver, a reamer, and even a wire stripper if you run into electrical or other issues that involve wires. There’s also a scissors, a tweezers, a magnifying glass, and a nail file. This knife prepares you for just about anything that can come your way, and it’s extremely versatile and can be used even on camping trips.

As we conclude, we have just looked at the top 3 everyday carry knives. When it comes to choosing an EDC knife, it’s best to select something that properly facilitates your daily needs. These knives are very versatile and can be used in your work environment, on fishing trips, hunting trips, diving trips, hiking, and much more. So, before you purchase a knife, don’t forget to think about your needs and for a list of the top EDC knife models that are budget friendly check out this Knife Depot guide.