Plumbing replacement FAQ

In our past articles, we emphasized that a qualified plumber is the best solution to deal with plumbing problems in houses or high-rise buildings. But how to find a specialist for the replacement of pipes?

The problem description

The temperature hesitations cause the water freezing and burst, plus the constant exploitation drill the small holes in the thinning pipe. They start to sweep or leak when the flow is intensive. That may be a problem if the pipes are inside the building. They cross with electric or internet cables. If the water arrives there, the homeowner will notice the wet spots, problems with connection, or, which is much worse, the short circuit and outage. And yeah, the bills from your water supplier will increase despite the low pressure.

Treating the problem

  1. The technician comes to the house and inspects the pipes.
  2. In the case of replacement necessity, the plumber will obtain the permit for the installation if needed.
  3. The plumber(-s) replace the damaged sections or the entire pipeline.
  4. Then the inspector or engineer checks the work and resumes the service.

How to find the specialist – step-by-step instruction

There are dozens of piping companies in Toronto. But not every company can be proud of plumbers. Some of them have the website and even positive reviews but ignore the scheduled time. But that’s not critical. A prepaid basis is much worse because you pay for service but don’t get it. If you try to recall them, they block your number. The primary advice here are:

  • If you ALREADY have a trusted technician, keep in contacts with him or her. Maybe you’ll get the worker’s contact, and it will inform you in the case of a change or if he/she comes to work for another company.
  • Find a recognized brand if you’re a new Toronto pennant or have moved to another district. Good if the company serves the entire city. POM Group Plumbing is such an example. We cover Toronto and the suburbs.
  • Get referrals from colleagues, friends, or family.
  • If you see the plumbers working, watch their work. Do they wear a uniform? Does it look neat and comfortable? Turn the eye to their vehicle. Any dirty spots are okay, but they mustn’t interfere with the company’s identification.
  • Toronto’s open data portal helps to check the license validity.

Here we need to say that the plumber can have one or several certificates. The certificate confirms its eligibility to perform certain procedures properly. That means you can’t ask the plumber to clean the drain pipes if he or she hasn’t the certificate. So when you call us, please describe the demand as accurately as possible. That saves you and our time and nerves.

Don’t be afraid if the plumber comes with an assistant. Some operations are impossible to perform with two hands only. The assistant also learns something new. It also needs to perform the repairments under the coach’s control to confirm its qualification.

The ads boards online contain multiple announcements from private plumbers. That’s good for newbies or somebody who wants to earn more than the company offers. But you risk as despite the certificates available. When the company hires the professional, it checks the candidate’s biography. Robbers, paedos, killers, and dishonest persons are permanently ineligible to join the company staff. Our human resources managers contact the police and control authorities asking for the required information. You can’t do the same for a riser replacement in Toronto specialists under a nickname. Once it collects the desired quantity of victims, the scammer changes the profile and repeats the same.

POM plumbers have all required licenses and certificates. Besides, their crystal reputation collected significant testimonials collection. Plus they do their work tidily and kindly because each customer in addition to the salary. Call us to schedule the visit or send us your curriculum vitae and essay about why you want to work in our company.