Book Review – ABSOLUTE ANARCHY: Interactive Study Guide to Surviving The Coming Collapse

Are we prepared on what could happen next to us, in our society, country, or around the world? We do not know what could happen to us in the coming years. We do not know how far terrorism will go, and if it can really conquer a country or even the world. We vote for our government officials who will keep us safe we hope, but we do not know if they can really help our country to be strong and peaceful economically, judicially, and socially. Could they really keep our country safe? Or will they let us down?

Absolute Anarchy was written by Johnny Jacks. It is a book that serves as a guide in preparation for a potential collapse of our country, or the world. It is like preparing for a big natural disaster not knowing the exact time.

It asks questions like – Are we prepared if there is a strong storm coming, with strong winds? Can we still stay at home during those times? Are the things we own such as food and drinks, medical kits, etc. enough to help us survive for many days if the recovery takes too long (if at all)?

Johnny Jacks is a prepper. A Prepper, as defined in the dictionary as someone who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it.  Or, as described in his book, it is anyone who takes action to survive a state of absolute anarchy. They stockpile food, ammunition, and other supplies.

The book is full of information and even has a glossary of terms that “preppers” need to know. It has 18 chapters that talk about strategies, answering common questions, survival needs, self-reliance, food preservation, and more.  It even talks about how to be fully prepared if TEOTWAWKI, or The End of the World as We Know It, comes.

The book teaches new skills, knowledge, and ideas that we need to know to survive anarchy. It answers questions that we need to know if that time comes. Questions like, what am I preparing? What do I need to prepare? And do I really need to be prepared? It identifies and gives guidance on learning the skills each of us should possess.

The book instills the idea that two factors –  time and knowledge – are important. We need time for us to be able to prepare for the disasters that we could experience. If we have a lot of time, we have a chance to look for and gather essential elements that we need to survive. And if we continue to learn new things and gather knowledge, we may be able to lessen the hardships that we could experience from a major disaster.

Absolute Anarchy is a great book to read, as it gives us idea, and guide us on what we must do to become fully prepared as an individual. A must read book for “preppers” and also to those who want to know how to survive catastrophes and disasters.