Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout

Although a power outage for a few hours is usually just an inconvenience, sometimes it can become dangerous for you and your family if it lasts for days, maybe even months. Blackouts are becoming more and more common nowadays. 

The reason behind a blackout could be anything from a natural disaster to just a transformer blowing up. These natural disasters, if severe enough, can wipe out the power grid of your city for weeks or even months. So, it is advised that you should be prepared for at least a two-week-long blackout.

You could be left for a very long time without access to anything that relies on electricity to work. It is for the best to be well prepared for the next blackout by stockpiling all the essentials needed for surviving it. Check out the following list:

Non-Perishable Food

Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout

If you ask an expert about blackout survival tips, they will likely say that having non-perishable food is a must to survive a blackout. Yes, you likely have food in your refrigerator, but the refrigerator will stop working without electricity. The food will go bad within a few days, and you will be left with nothing to eat. 

Non-perishable food does not need power to be stored. It can remain consumable for a long time. This makes it an essential resource you should have available during a blackout. Fill your pantry with items such as canned goods, dry foods, drinks, and snacks, etc., that will last you a few weeks.

You can find food items on the market that can be stored for years without going bad. These things could potentially save your life in a blackout. It is also important to rotate the supply constantly so you don’t end up finding out in an emergency that the food you stored became spoiled years ago.

Stock up on non-perishable food to ensure that you have at least two weeks’ worth of food to be consumed during a blackout.

A Way to Cook Food

Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout

Although a lot of non-perishable food doesn’t need to be cooked, it is still a good idea to have a way to cook food without electricity. Most foods require some form of preparation before they can be eaten. Having a way to cook during a blackout will allow you to have access to cooked and warm food as well as allow you to boil water to make it drinkable.

One of the most popular options to cook food without electricity is to get a camping stove. You can also opt for a grill. Stocking up on fuel for the camping stove or grill is also important. If you run out of fuel, you will have to resort to starting a fire using wood.

Another good way to cook food is to get a solar oven. Ensure that you have both options covered; you should have food that does not need to be cooked alongside the food that does. 

Portable Water

Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout

It is possible that you will not have tap water during a blackout, especially during a natural disaster. It is of utmost importance that you have enough water stored up for you and your family during a blackout. 

When calculating how much water you should store, consider the water you need for cooking, laundry, or other uses. If you expect a blackout, then fill up as many containers in your house with water as you can before the water supply cuts off.

Most importantly, ensure that you and your family have enough drinking water stored to last you at least two weeks. Get some water purification tablets or invest in a water filtering system so that you can purify unfiltered water from any source available to you. This can work as a backup plan if you run out of water during a blackout.

Basic Medical Supplies

Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout


Another important thing to keep in mind is to have an adequate supply of your prescribed medications. You do not want to run out of medications that you need to keep alive or manage a condition during a blackout. 

Ensure that you have enough medications stored and accessible to you. Another important thing to have available during a blackout is an emergency first aid kit. Build a first aid kit with all the essentials such as basic wound care items, pain relievers, allergy medications, prescription medications that you need, etc.

Taking these measures could potentially save your life during a blackout, especially if you don’t have a way to contact the emergency services.

Lighting Supplies

Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout

Lighting supplies are also essential during a blackout. Investing in solar power might be your best option if you can afford it. Ensure that you have at least one flashlight alongside some batteries to power it. 

Doing anything in the dark can be hard or even dangerous. So, stock up on a few lighting supplies such as flashlights, candles, lanterns, etc. If possible, invest in lighting supplies that don’t require a battery to run, such as a hand-crank flashlight or a hand-crank lantern.

Put your flashlight or lanterns in an easy-to-access location from where you can retrieve them easily and quickly. Also, remember to stock up on candles and matches as they can be a good source of light during a blackout as long as you use them carefully. Matches can also have many other practical uses during a blackout.

If you intend to use candles and matches as a source of light, remember to keep a fire extinguisher close by in case of an accident.

Power Sources

Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout

Investing in a power source can be a great idea when preparing for a blackout. The power source could be fuel, batteries, a generator, or even a solar-powered charger. Your phone can be your only way to communicate with emergency services during a blackout, and a solar-powered charger could charge your phone without electricity.

A backup generator can also be a lifesaver. Make sure that the generator you get is adequate for your needs and stock up on the fuel it requires to run. Many objects in your house likely require batteries to work, so also remember to stock up on different types of batteries.

Communication Devices

Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout

Communication is essential for survival. During a blackout, communication devices can help you communicate with other people and the emergency service, as well as provide you with information on what is happening around the world. 

Obviously, the best tool for communication during a blackout would be your phone. But if it breaks or runs out of charge, you should have backup options available. Invest in a set of walkie-talkies (Link with walkie-talkie article) as it could help you communicate with your family. Remember to keep the whole set charged and easily accessible. 

To get news on what is happening outside in the world, you should buy a radio. You could go for a radio that runs on batteries, but a hand-crank radio can be a much better option. A radio can be a very good way to get information and news. 

Waste Disposal

Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout

During a blackout, you might not have access to waste disposal facilities which means you will have to look for alternative ways to dispose of human wastes. Stock up on garbage bags and toilet paper, as well as some zip ties to keep everything sealed up. Also, have a good supply of hand sanitizers and other sanitary supplies you would need. 

You can store the waste in your garage or backyard if the waste pick up services are unavailable during a blackout.

Emergency Kit

Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout

Make an emergency kit with all of the essentials you need in it. Important things an emergency kit should have are a utility knife, a duct tape roll, a can opener, a sewing kit, a whistle, some garbage bags, a flashlight, some batteries, candles, a cooking pot, a travel mug, pencils, a notepad, a camping cutlery set, etc.

The emergency kit items should be stored in a sturdy and waterproof box. Remember, emergency kits can potentially save your life during an emergency.

Source of Heat

Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout

Invest in a space heater or a portable propane grill to keep warm during a blackout if it is cold outside. Also, ensure that you have enough blankets and warm clothing for you and your family. Investing in high-quality sleeping bags is also a good idea.

Sources of Entertainment

Essentials Needed for Surviving a Blackout

You and your family, especially the kids, can get really bored during a blackout, so keep a stash of books and board games. You and your family can read these books and play board games to keep yourself entertained.


A blackout is not an easy condition to find yourself in. But using the blackout survival tips given above, you and your family can easily survive one. The most important factor that determines your survival is your preparedness. So, make sure that you are fully prepared for a blackout by following these blackout survival tips.