10 Fun Ways to Celebrate When the Power Comes Back Online

There are times when power outages occur due to different reasons, such as maintenance, accidents, and extreme weather conditions. There are power outages that occur for a few hours, and others can last for days or even weeks, especially if the power lines are damaged by storms. It’s difficult when there is no power because most of our appliances at home will not work. Aside from that, another dilemma that a lot of people face when the power is out is the lack of internet connection.

Most modern homes today have much more than just a laptop relying on WIFI connectivity. There can be dozens of devices that require the internet to function, including televisions, computers, tablets, smart doors, thermostats, and security systems. Sometimes, even when the power comes back on, it takes quite a while for the internet connection to be up again, too, especially if the lines of your internet provider were also damaged.

It is satisfying to have an internet connection after a few hours or days of waiting. With this, some people are doing different things to celebrate when the power comes back online. If you want to celebrate too, here are 10 fun ways to celebrate when the power comes back online.

1. Check your social media accounts and post updates

The first thing that most people do when the power comes back online is to browse through their social media accounts for updates. You can read posts by the people you follow about their experience with the power outage and other news. You can also post updates about you. If you’ve experienced a storm or other calamities, you can let everyone know if you are safe.

2. Video chat with your family and friends

woman video chatting with a friend

You can also celebrate having electricity and the internet again by chatting with your family members and friends online. You can ask them how they are doing. To make it more fun, you can video chat with one another. Even if you can’t be together, you can still ensure that everyone is safe.

3. Play online games

Playing online games is another way to celebrate having power and the internet again. Open your computer, laptop, or tablet, and play your favorite online games. If you love playing casino games, you can check out Energycasino and have fun with the variety of games it offers. You can also contact your online friends and see if they are up to play your favorite team games on PC or on gaming consoles.

4. Stream your favorite series and movies that you missed during the power outage

If you are following a series, you surely missed out during the power outage and the time that you do not have an internet connection. Therefore, when your internet is fixed, it’s time to stream your favorite series and catch up on all the episodes that you’ve missed. You can make it more fun by preparing some popcorn and drinks.

5. Play your favorite songs via online streaming platforms

You can also celebrate by playing your favorite songs via the online streaming platform you are subscribed to. If you are a music lover, you surely missed listening to music during the power outage and the time that you do not have an internet connection. Therefore, once the power is on, play all the songs you want. In fact, you can even create a playlist that is made especially for an after-a-power-outage celebration.

man and woman playing games on their phones

6. Watch videos of your favorite YouTubers

If you are subscribed to YouTubers, you can also celebrate by checking if they have uploaded new videos that you can watch. Or, you can also make a fun and interesting video and upload it on YouTube.

7. Order foods online from your favorite restaurants

While watching your favorite series or playing online games, you can also order foods online from your favorite restaurants or fast-food chains. You can treat your whole family to a pizza, burger, or anything that they want to celebrate. A lot of restaurants today have websites and mobile apps where you can place your order more conveniently, instead of having to call them on the phone.

8. Check out the latest product offerings on online shopping platforms like Amazon.

Another way to celebrate when the power comes back online is to go shopping or window shopping online on platforms like Amazon. See if they have new product listings or check if the items on your wish list are on sale. Shopping is one of the best ways to release the stress you experienced during the time that there’s no electricity and internet connection.

9. Host a virtual game night with your friends

You can also celebrate by video chatting with your friends and hosting a virtual game night. Aside from playing your favorite games, you can also do an online karaoke contest if you all love singing.

10. Enjoy a Netflix party with your friends online

person watching Netflix on TV

If you are not up for games, you and your friends can also celebrate by watching your favorite movies together, even when you are in different places. This is made possible by some streaming platforms like Netflix, where you can hold a watch party with other people online. Even if you’re not together physically, you can still watch the same movies at the same time and react with one another.

These are some of the fun ways that you can do to celebrate when the power comes back online.