Why do Internet Speeds Matter?

Perhaps your Internet Company tries to sell you a faster Broadband connection. So, each month you have to pay more bills and in exchange you are promised better internet speeds. It looks easy, but do we really need these speeds, and how are they going to be beneficial?

If you are already wondering about your Internet service provider’s (ISP) actual network speed, run a quick online speed test. Make sure no device is currently using the internet before you click the run button on the speed test.

You might also verify the speed package you have been paying for via your profile on the website of your ISP or review your bill every month. There is a possibility that your Internet Service Provider might be pushing you to go for plans that are more expensive If you are not bothered by having to pay extra for a faster internet connection. Your ISP will be more than happy to assist you with the upgrade — provided the systems be in place to provide you with that in your location. Start searching with “internet providers near me” and you’ll be taken to a whole world of possibilities.

What comes with a fast internet connection?

The slow cable and satellite Internet speeds bring latency and thus frustration for the Internet users along. Almost anything you need internet for slows down and is delayed –gaming, surfing the web, downloading and watching movies. Considering the fact that time is nothing less than money itself, this lag in access to important resources can practically cost a lot.

Connecting multiple devices over the internet at once and still expecting smooth connectivity is nothing short of impossible, and in this case, downloading media or uploading photos may take more than just an hour.

You need to have a superfast Internet connection if you spend most of the time online. Connectivity channels like cable or Fiber-optic Internet offer higher speeds for consumers to get everything accomplished without any delay. With better internet speeds, you can:

  • Use multiple web-enabled devices at once without latency issues.

  • Avoid buffering problems and delay in connectivity.

  • Have seamless access to entertainment options and share media files at lightning-fast speeds.

Get Things Done

The United States Census Bureau confirmed that a rising number of American adults prefer to work from home, with a growing number of employable American adult population opting to connect remotely with their employer, rather than physically traveling to the office. All thanks to the lightning-fast internet technology. This trend brings a number of benefits to it. An employee can save a lot on fuel expenses and evade rush-hour crunches. This will also facilitate parents in instances like taking care of a sick child or a pet.

Nonetheless, weak or unreliable internet service can become a nightmare for someone who chooses to work remotely. It can jeopardize their ability to execute and complete important projects and make the entire working from home prospect difficult. This can be a key issue for someone who is self-employed.

Putting the Educat(e) in Education

Your kids are also likely to rely on the internet for their homework. For researchers, their research work begins with a query in Google Search. It’s U.S. World Report and the US news once quoted that the current generation of students is getting more homework assigned from the schools than their parents used to get.

Also, most of these assignments require some research over the internet. As a result, schools and institutions expect that their students have a running internet connection but if the internet at your home is slow or unreliable, you might as well have to drive your kid to a nearby library in order to get the assigned work done.


As useful as high-speed internet is for getting important tasks done, it is a safe haven for any exhausted soul seeking some moments of comfort. Digital entertainment and streaming options come to the rescue in this case. Most of these options rely on a running internet connection. With greater development and the Internet of Things becoming more common, even using the smart thermostat will depend on an efficient internet connection.

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