Which Angel Number Belongs to You? Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever had that feeling that there’s more to your daily experiences than just entropy? You go about your day and you find that certain things feel like they couldn’t just be coincidences? This feeling is more common than you think because as humans it’s a natural thought to wonder if we are alone out in the universe. This has been a feeling that’s inspired everything from ideological movements to authors to write about imagined realities that they place inside their fantasies and science-fiction.

The truth is, most people will continue moving on in life and look past these moments. If they do stop to consider what they could mean, it might be just a moment or two of thought before heading on past them. Pop culture made history with the infamous Matrix movies that played off this premise, however, in that storyline, the problem was that people were living inside a computerized simulation of reality.

What Are Angel Numbers

When it comes to things that don’t quite seem to add up or seem like too much of a coincidence to simply be a coincidence, some belief in what is known as angel numbers being the prompting force behind these moments. The belief in angel numbers is simple enough to understand. Basically, there is a thought that the larger expanse of the Universe is sentient to some degree and is trying to communicate with you via sets of numbers that you will see throughout your day.

Some call this being guided by angels, and some see this as simply the larger force of nature in the universe leading you to some kind of predetermined destiny. The way it works is that you first have to notice recurring numbers that are consistently and persistently entering your day. This could be something like going on a road trip and seeing a sign for gas prices that are set to $4.44. While it would be odd to see a price that’s so pleasingly even, what would prompt you to consider angle numbers is if you drive by four more gas price signs in four separate cities all with the same price of $4.44.

Do you see the pattern of fours? Four cities, and four gas price signs, all at $4.44. At this point, some would say that the universe is communicating to you, or that your guiding angel is communicating to you through the number four.

This could actually be for any number, and even sets of numbers can also apply. For instance, if you saw the same set of numbers next to each other consistently throughout the day. While this could always just be a coincidence there are some that believe that every number has a unique, spiritual meaning. So when you see them repeat themselves in real life like this, an angelic being or the universe is trying to convey an important message to you.

What Kinds of Messages Do Angel Numbers Convey?

Angel numbers can convey a wide array of messages. As you can imagine, if every number alone has a unique message then this would lend itself to 0-9 having a unique stand-alone message. If combinations of numbers have unique messages then you would open yourself up to an infinite amount of messages that the universe could be trying to convey to you.

What Does the Angel Number 555 Convey?

The 555 angel number has a unique message that some believe it conveys to those who see it pop up in their life. Specifically, this is a very spiritual number that points or eludes to a spiritual reality that could be greater than even angle numbers themselves.

That’s because this angel number is thought to communicate that God is trying to reach your attention somehow. It’s very generalized, but it speaks to the fact that you may be on a spiritual journey, and that you are destined to connect to God in some way or fashion.

Many established religions do not believe in angel numbers, and this could be a reason why. Take Christianity for instance, a religion that believes in a God love that desires to reach all of humankind. Like other religions, the God Christianity spoke through prophets and has a Holy book, so the question would have to be asked, why would He need to use angel numbers?

The same could be said for other mainstream religions like Islam or even Buddism.


The feeling that humanity is not alone in the universe and there is a greater purpose that is bigger than ourselves is common. Some believe that angel numbers are an attempt to bring answers to this question and try and find truth in the mundane things of life.