What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Cryptocurrency and its mining has existed since 2009 and has since exploded into a massive global venture with many investors and miners reaping the financial benefits. When talking about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more, it can be difficult to imagine what exactly this currency is and how it can be used like other currencies. Here are the basics of cryptocurrencies and how they’re changed the way banking and money transfers are used today.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is commonly known as a digital currency that can be exchanged online as an alternative to the standard currencies used by governments. Bitcoin is one of the oldest and most valuable, and influential cryptos still available on the market today. This process is available to anyone who wants to invest or try their hand at it because these currencies aren’t under the control of any specific government process or centralized authority. Instead of a looming authority, crypto transactions are guarded and watched through a blockchain.

The easiest comparison to understand a blockchain is to compare it to an old-fashioned ledger or balance book where all transactions are recorded and verified. Each cryptocurrency has a blockchain or ledger that records and updates as individuals make purchases or transactions with that currency. Everyone using that currency can see the blockchain as it isn’t controlled by any outside third party. This form of currency allows individuals, investors, and miners to have complete authority over their assets without the need for a bank, outside holding area, or agency.

Cryptocurrency is easy and fast to transfer with security and portability that is hard to find elsewhere. With unparalleled safety and transparency, there is no other currency in the world that matches the benefits of cryptocurrency.

How is it mined?

The mining of cryptocurrency can be simple on the surface but actually requires a lot of work and advanced technology to make a profit. Anyone with a computer and internet can technically help mine cryptocurrency, but there are many other factors to consider. Some currencies are worth more than others, electricity can cost more or less in different areas, and it’s entirely possible to spend more on trying to get currency than in the crypto itself. There is also the validation process of adding new currency to the ledger.

Just as a blockchain must be updated with new transactions, it also needs to be aware of new coins and currency being added into circulation. Certified miners for different cryptocurrencies are often additionally responsible for verifying purchases to make sure there isn’t any double-spending. To ultimately mine new coins, miners compete with others to solve intense mathematical equations containing valuable data that is released during transactions. Mining cryptocurrency can be a complicated process when there is massive profit on the line, which is why most mining today is done by specialists in the field and big corporations with the computing power and speed to make a substantial profit.

Why is this mining process valuable?

Cryptocurrency has flourished in recent years as the first alternative competitor to banking systems around the world. This form of currency was created on the internet and is widely considered one of the fastest, easiest and universal ways to transfer money for shopping and investing around the globe. While centralized currencies can fluctuate or fall based on the state of the government, cryptocurrencies aren’t controlled by any central authority or banking organization.

Cryptomining is constantly changing as technology advances and allows for more speed and computing capabilities. There are also companies that work to provide businesses and individuals a host of information and resources to better access cryptocurrency. Companies like blockquarry corp have the advanced mining capabilities and know-how to help companies thrive in the current crypto market without having to invest heavily in machines and individuals they may not know how to fully utilize.


Cryptocurrency plays a huge role in the global market today, enabling investors, miners and businesses to make huge profits in secured and transparent transactions. Cryptocurrency mining enables many individuals to invest what they have and gain significant returns in the future. With new technology and resources available, cryptocurrency mining is expanding and growing as the public digital market changes and improves.

Author name– Alison Lurie