Vital Hurricane Survival Tips to Know in 2021!

Don’t we all love those survival shows on TV? There’s something amazing about how someone can survive on a deserted island for weeks on end, survive shipwrecks, being lost in the desert, and so many other problems. However, while it might be cool to watch such shows, what happens if you are actually faced with a situation in which you need to use some of your own survival instincts? That’s what will be covered in this article, and with hurricane season well underway in North and Central America, we figured the timing for such an article could not be better. 

If you think that you could one day be faced with a potentially deadly hurricane, why not give this post a read? Who knows, the information could prove to be crucial one day! Burggraf Roofing can help you ensure your building is ready.

Look for a ‘hurricane proof’ building

If you are aware of a hurricane well in advance, which is usually the case these days, we would encourage you to explore your local ‘hurricane proof’ buildings. You can usually find a list of such buildings on your local council website, and these buildings are typically much sturdier and even reinforced to protect against such natural disasters. Some examples of these buildings could include libraries, town halls, student unions, and even casinos in some circumstances. 

It is usually good practice to get to these buildings well in advance, as let’s be honest, everybody will want to get there for their own personal protection. The good thing about these buildings is that they may have fewer windows than your average-sized building, so there is less chance of a window breaking and causing serious harm to individuals inside. Stock up on crucial supplies

Stock up on crucial supplies

If and when a serious hurricane hits, especially the likes of category fours and fives, you could be stranded for days before thing return to normal. This means that you will be unable to cook food in your home due to disruptions, and you certainly won’t be able to get to the store to buy supplies. For this reason, it is critically important that you go to the store in advance to purchase supplies in order to ride out these ‘cut off’ periods. Of course, since you may lose electricity for days on end, you will want to get foods that don’t need cooking or refrigeration. This includes tinned goods, certain fruits, bread, etc.

Once you do have such foods in the house, make sure that you don’t gorge on them just because they are there. Remember, you sometimes don’t know exactly how long you will be stranded for, so play it smart and ration the food to a certain extent. Of course, this is the case if you choose to remain in your home rather than seeking more appropriate shelter.

Find a secure interior room

With the force that hurricanes can have, it is very easy and common for them to break windows and cause other major breakages in the house. So, with that in mind, you should always keep away from windows and doors in case they shatter and fall through, which can cause you serious harm if you are nearby. Ideally, you want to get to a room that isn’t directly exposed to the outdoors, meaning you should try to find a room without exterior walls. 

Naturally, some people might not have an interior room in their house. in that case, we would suggest finding a local ‘reinforced building’, as it could be too dangerous to try and ride out the storm at home. With that being said, if you have no interior/shielded room in your home, you are just fine if you have a basement. In fact, sometimes this is the best place to be, as it is underground and not subject to the above-ground damages that a hurricane can cause. 


Nobody wants to experience a dangerous hurricane, but if you live in a region where they do occur, why not be prepared? These survival tips should be a good starting point, but it’s always worth investigating further for your own peace of mind. With a bit of luck, you’ll never experience a major storm in your life, but if you do, be sure to apply the tips discussed in this post to keep you and your family safe.