Types of Betting on Soccer

Beyond which team is going to win the game, there are different types of football bets that offer better odds. You can choose a market that cannot be common but that your knowledge of the game allows you to identify that this result can be given. If it pays little, you can combine it with other bets to multiply the payout and be more successful.

Match Winner

You bet that the team will win the game regardless of the number of goals scored. Three options are offered: team 1 wins, team 2, or tie. The tie issue is one that gives the bookmaker a slight edge, as you cover 33% of the options with one of the options. Bets are based on which team plays home, overall strength in the roster, and which team has the best streak of games. It is very important to identify the key players who handle the ball and score goals. If they are injured or do not play, a bet on the weaker team, which pays better, can be attractive.

Soccer betting as well “메리트카지노” today is all about tapping into the precise knowledge the bettor has about a particular player or team.

Double Opportunity

Double Chance offers you two results for which you can win and not just one. You can choose between:

  • Win the local or there is a tie. You lose if the visitor wins.
  • The visitor wins or there is a tie. You lose if you win the premises.
  • The visitor or the local wins. You lose if there is a tie.

You have ample chances to win, but the payout is minimal. So use it when you are very sure that one of the three results could not be given.

No Tie Bets

Here you bet on the visitor or the local to win, there is no tie option. And what happens if the game is tied? The bet is returned. If you had bet under the “winner” mode, and you choose the venue but there is a tie, you would have lost the bet.

Bets without Local

It is not common in the betting sites but it follows the same modality as the “no draw”, but this time there will be no option to bet on the premises and if that result is given, the bet is returned.

Bet Without a Visitor

It is not common, you can only bet that the local wins or draws. The money is returned if the visitor wins.


The handicap consists of subtracting or adding goals to a team when the difference in skill is very large. The European handicap hits or misses the result. In the Asian one, the money is returned in the event of a tie. An example of a handicap is Barcelona +2, which means that you must win by a difference of more than 2 goals to win the bet.

Over / Under

Here we focus on the goals and not on who wins. Take into consideration the total goals of the two teams. Over or under 2.5 is commonly offered. If we bet on over, then the total of goals must be 3 or more. If only 2 are scored we lose the bet.

You can also bet on the over / under of a single team with better odds, and it is also offered on the number of corners, fouls, cards, offside, possession, etc. It is a statistics game. If you like to review data and analyze it, this is your type of bet.

Match Scorer

We choose which player will score the most goals. In case of no goals or two players with the same amount, the bet is lost.There are exotic bets that choose which player will be the last to score a goal, first to score, score 2 or more goals, or score a hat-trick (3 goals).


Combined ones are simple and are the way to multiply your hits in a big payout. Combine multiple bets into one, that is, bets on different outcomes in different games or sports that can happen at different times or days, and if you hit them all you win a big payout. The more combinations you make, the better the multiplication of your payout.

How many combinations can be made? The bookmaker may have a limit, but it could be up to 10. It is recommended to make combinations of maximum 3 results. Bet on results of which you are very confident.

To try all these types of bets for the first time, you can claim one of the different bonuses offered by bookmakers.