Try These 7 Stylish Yet Comfortable Outfits for Your Next Festival

Music festival line-ups for 2023 have finally been announced. This means that it is now time to start searching for the best outfits to wear when you attend.

The fashion trends at music festivals have certainly evolved over the last few years. Who can forget when Harry Styles rocked a Gucci jumpsuit during his gig at Coachella last year? His wardrobe solidified that you can rock couture and be comfortable while at a music festival.

So we expect nothing less from festival goers this year too. To help you make a fashion statement while equally having an outfit that allows you to have fun and feel great, we have put together all the stylish tricks for festival attire.

Here is everything you should consider trying – from rave chaps to rhinestone tops.

1. Try the Chaps

Especially if you are going to a music festival that is outside and in the heat, wearing rave chaps is one of the most practical yet stylish pieces of clothing you can wear. They may feel a bit out of your normal comfort zone, but anything goes at a festival. Plus, it will help you regulate your body temperature as you dance the day and night away.

2. Enjoy the Rhinestones

Rhinestones have not retired just yet. In fact, some would say they are coming back in full force. One of the best parts of creating a festival wardrobe is the fact that you can be bold are wearing something that is bright and truly makes you happy. So wearing that rhinestone top or bedazzled pants is totally on point at festivals this year. The more sparkly, the better.

3. Flaunt Crochet Tops

Another way to look cool and stay cool at a festival –in addition to rave chaps – is to wear crochet tops. Crochet tops are becoming an obsession at festivals, allowing you to channel those hippie chic vibes, They are playful, a little but sexual and a whole lot of fun. It is an understated way to elevate your festival outfit and something that will certainly make you look on-trend.

4. Get a Tote

Of course, to complete your outfit for your festival, you need to have a stylish tote bag to hold all your essentials like sunscreen, water and snacks. There are some great totes that are made specifically for music festivals and will go perfectly with your look. In fact, they will likely only elevate it even further. Who knew practical could be so stylish?

5. Rock the Sunnies

Sunglasses are another important musical festival accessory that will allow you to create a stylish yet comfortable outfit. There will undoubtedly be lots of bright lights at the festival grounds, in addition to the sunshine during the day. Rather than feel blinded and find yourself squinting the whole time, put on some rockstar sunnies that equally complete your outfit. Sunglasses are great because they also allow you to avoid having to put on too much makeup that you will eventually sweat off. Instead, you can hide behind the sunglasses and channel total celebrity vibes.

5. Vintage Sneakers

There is something timeless about wearing vintage sneakers. They not only go with everything but also allow your feet to stay supported during all the standing and dancing you’ll be doing. These pair great with jean shorts, dresses and even rave chaps. But you could also switch up the sneakers for some cowboy boots too, which instantly transform any outfit into cowboy chic.

6. Neon Tanks

If you are going to a music festival that will be in the summer or in an enclosed arena, you’ll want to dress appropriately so that your body temperature can stay regulated. That is why wearing a tank top is such a great idea. But to really elevate the tank, select one in a neon color. Not only will these go great with rave chaps, but will help you feel joyful from the bright colors. Being at a festival should make you happy and wearing neon colors should make you even happier.

7. Wear a Swim Suit Top

Of course, you could really take it to an even more practical level for staying cool at music festivals by wearing a swimsuit top in place of a shirt. Not only will it help absorb the sweat as you dance away, but will help you flaunt your body and feel great too. You can easily pair your swimsuit top with jean shorts or even crochet shorts.


Of course, you can always find the perfect festival outfit from your current wardrobe too. While flattering rave chaps, crochet tops and neon tanks can help you stand out, so can anything else you already own. So why not explore your closet, see what you are missing and buy those pieces you need to complete the outfit?