Top 5 Transportation Management Software

Transportation management software works on four processes which include planning, execution, follow-up, and measurement. A transportation management system will help you to define the most efficient transport schemes which are suggested after going through all the parameters. The transport management systems will sort out all the parameters according to the user needs and user policy. This software will also allow the execution plans for shipping and dispatching. Transportation management software is of two types, one is On-premises Licensing, and another one is Hosted Lisensing.

Logistics service provides, fleet owners, distributors, e-commerce companies, wholesalers, warehouses, shippers, and many more users who need transportation services regularly. However, relying on only one means of transportation could become a wrong choice sooner or later. Therefore, why not switch towards safe and more secure shipping services, i.e., multi-carrier shipping management software. Going online and getting your paperwork done easily with several other benefits can truly be an excellent decision for a business.

Here, in this article, you will learn about the top companies that offer transportation management solutions. But aside from the transportation management software listed below, we also recommend you to visit to know the best car shipping and vehicle transport service provider.

1. Mercury Gate TMS

Mercury Gate TMS creates new transportation solutions which are both technically and real-world dynamically bounded. The company continuously worked on its core TMS technology and enhanced it with added functionalities. The company’s approach is to consult with all the tier-1 and tier-2 businesses about their transportation needs. Mercury Gate TMS majorly focuses on Multimodal, optimization, execution, and multi-leg planning.

2. Oracle TMS

Oracle TMS is another transportation management service provider, which offers fully integrated cloud applications, engineered systems, and platform services. With the help of Oracle’s leading cloud platform, the customers can enjoy the benefits such as advanced security, high availability, scalability, energy efficiency, application integration, the low total cost of ownership, and powerful architecture. The features of their TMS software are operational planning, transportation intelligence, fleet management, carrier scouring, freight payment, and billing.


JDA Transportation and logistics help to automate and increases the streamline of your business’s productivity and visibility. They bring standardization throughout the processes such as planning, execution, procurement, by providing easy and efficient solutions. JDA TMS provides support to the entire transportation lifecycle with feasible operation planning.


MPO provides powerful transportation management solutions with features that help you to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance operational features. The features that the MPO transportation management system offers are multi-leg planning, order consolidation, carrier selection, and more.

5. Cerasis

Cerasis is the TMS that offers better visibility, and greater control into shipping. One of the major benefits of opting for Cerasis is that they reduce the shipping problems through over-the-road transportation solutions. There are several other benefits of opting for Cerasis such as parcel management, transportation accounting, carrier relations, reverse logistics, inbound & vendor freight management, and truckload freight management.

There are several companies that provide transportation management solutions. However, all these companies allow the users to take advantage of transportation services such as real-time tracking solutions, shipment batching, vehicle load and route optimization, and more.