Top 5 Tips to Survive the Coronavirus Lockdown

Lockdown is up again around the world, and this time, it is even harder to cope with isolation. We are social beings in need of movement and action, so quarantine is not exactly the definition of fun for most of us. But it can be – with these five tips to survive COVID lockdown.

If you are feeling lonely or isolation is stressing you out, you can help yourself (and your loved ones) by proposing fun activities. Read below to see how to beat lockdown blues with these top five tips.

Communicate with Your Loved Ones

The lockdown made it extremely difficult for us to see our family and loved ones. And as social beings, we crave communication and affection it produces. Hence, if you are feeling lonely, call your family.

Again, communication with those surrounding you during the pandemic is a powerful tool for proper mental health. However, studies, as well as personal experiences, have shown that being cooped up without family for a long period often leads to tension.

But we have a solution!

The internet and modern technologies have made it easier for us to talk and see each other thanks to video calls. Video chatting with friends is what we have been doing long before the pandemic, which is a reason more to amp up video communication with our family in times of need.

If you are interested in creative methods of communication, you can even start writing letters. Letters are a retro thing to do, but we often give up on the idea of writing one because we don’t have time. And during the lockdown, time is the only thing we have. Let’s make the most out of it.

Family Time Means Family Games

Games are a great way to pass the time because they entertain you and occupy your thoughts. They can be easy or difficult to pass, strategic, or mind-numbing, competitive, or not. Games can be anything you want!

To avoid tension between family members, you can play board games during the day or in the evening. Board games include more members and represent a communal activity where everyone is involved in equal measure. From Monopoly to Risk, the whole family will participate in a fun activity. And each round lasts 3+ hours, which makes it a great option for passing the time.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in playing family games or live alone, you can enjoy games on your own. Gaming will help you relax, unwind, and enjoy some time off. Online games are in abundance, so you need to pick what you are interested in. If it’s mobile, you can download them to your phone. If you like strategies, you have a plethora of browser-based strategy games happening in live-mode. Finally, if you like casino games, numerous sites like Casino Directory offer info about the latest online casino games. You can learn more on this link.

Create Daily Routines and Stick to Them

Consistency helps. And a consistent morning routine (or any routine in general) can help you restore your sense of normalcy.

Before lockdown, we all had various things that we had to do during the day – get up, get to work, study, go to school, to the store, etc. But entering lockdown erased most of those activities from our agenda. We were left with a gaping void of free time – and we have to do something about that.

One of the things that most psychologists recommend is a new daily routine. It can be an easy, two-step routine in the morning or an elaborate one that covers the entire day.

Whatever it is, if it suits you, go for it!

One of the main things to keep in mind is the organization. Free time, lack of responsibilities, and boredom sound like a dream vacation, but it is actually quite harming. Moreover, remote work is a massive change for people accustomed to working in a busy office.

Therefore, your primary concern should be the organization. Set working hours, break hours, and activities you can do after work. Pick a corner of your apartment or house and label it as office space. This will help you feel more focused, and when working hours are up, you’ll have something fun and relaxing to look forward to.

Say Hello to New and Old Hobbies

Creativity requires freedom and space. And when you are constantly stressing over work, plus you have more time on your hands too so, you will find that creative forces are not working.

Hence, you need to jumpstart your creativity, and the best way to do that is by doing something motivational. For example, indoor hobbies.

Hobbies may include painting, creating music, writing, drawing, or even making furniture. Pandemic hobby ideas are aplenty; you just need to find one that suits you the most. Or you can take up your old hobbies that school and work might’ve discouraged you from pursuing in the past. Really, it is completely up to you!

Be it old but never forgotten ones, or something you never tried but always wanted to, just do it. You will instantly feel happier, more relaxed, and the stress will be – at least for a while – gone.

Don’t Forget Exercising

Another crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, as much as lockdown can be healthy, is staying fit. The gyms are closed, the weather outside is cold, and you maxed out ideas for backyard activities. What can you do? The answer is, keep exercising.

Physical activity has a string of positive effects on physical and mental health. Some effects are instant, others are long-term, but they all represent reasons why you should not stop being active.

Besides preventing various diseases, you also prevent stress. Or, at least, you diminish it. Either way, after exercise, you instantly feel better, more focused, and decluttered.

Of course, not everyone owns a home gym, but you do not even need gym equipment. What you need is organization, motivation, and consistency.

You can do regular exercises, use random objects at home as weights, or turn on music and dance your heart out. The type is not important. What matters is that you start moving and stay active.