Time-Saving Tips for Creating Email Newsletter Content

Email newsletter content are more difficult and time-consuming to create compared to social media posts. They usually have more impact on your audience or customers and they are more likely to be responsive and take actions.

Although the difficulties of making a quality email newsletter remains, you can still make this process faster with time-saving options. You don’t want your message to your audience to be delayed. So, here are the primary time-saving tips you can focus on for faster email newsletter creation:

1. Focus on CTA

You don’t want to feed your audience with unnecessary information. The last thing people want is read a very long email. So, keeping it short and simple is something you want to prioritize.

The primary reason for you to send email newsletter should be clear. And you need to focus on the Call to Action. Anything you are writing to make people interested should also focus on that simple agenda. It will make it easier to create every newsletter faster and more people are going to read your emails.

2. Use the right template

Most new businesses that are out to make sure every campaign is done with very little spending often don’t use the right template. Whether you have to hire someone or do it yourself, make sure to use the proper template for the newsletter that will convey your message clearly. Otherwise, picking a bad template will result in loss of time and profit.

Mobile-friendly, responsive and quality templates are available all over the web. You can use developer tools shortcut to manipulate such templates.

3. Reuse previous content

It is pretty unlikely that your audience have memorized all your previous newsletter, right? So, why not reuse them? Well, you don’t want to copy those previous content entirely. Maybe rewrite, change the pictures and use it as a format for new content.

Many big brands already use this strategy to save more time for faster newsletter creation. During seasonal days, when they need to deliver a message fast, it is the perfect option. Also, if previously you have taken the help of a professional writer to create your newsletters, you can use their writing format again for better content. There are plenty of ways of recycling content!

4. Go for simplicity

Simple is good, especially when you are sending out emails. People are more likely to take action when an email is short, simple, and has a clear CTA. Also, creating simple newsletters take shorter time.

Treat your newsletters like a short important message. Do not flood it with information. Engagement can buy you more time and readers may go through the entire email, but it does not happen very often. So, include the important message on the heading and start of the newsletter.


Newsletters are not a research paper. So, you don’t have to spend a lot of time making them. With smart strategies, making people read your newsletters won’t be too big of a challenge. Follow these tips and they will surely help!