Things to know about Fish Shooting Games in an Online Casino in K9WIN Vietnam

The basic idea behind fish shooting games is simple. Players utilize cannons to shoot fish for points and prizes. Every player has their own cannon on the opposite side of the game board, and they all aim at the same pond full of fish.

Players must make a pivotal decision each round regarding which fish to target. Although different fish have different rarities, “health,” and speeds, it is far easier to kill a little fish for fewer awards than a huge fish for greater rewards. It is important to keep an eye on the board at all times in case a fish has just floated in or is about to leave.

Tips on how to play Fish Shooting Games

Even though we can only guess at how much player skill actually affects game results, at least we have a smokescreen to hide our ignorance. In these video games, cannon ammunition serves as the major currency. If you don’t manage to kill the fish with your gun, you’ll be out the money and ammunition you spent on it. Winner is the player who shoots the final bullet needed to kill a specific fish.

And the gamer can adjust how powerful their bullets are. What’s the big deal, anyway? If your normal rate of fire is 1 shot every 1 second, then: (bullet). That is to say, each shot uses just one bullet. Nonetheless, larger fish are often spared. As a result, it’s very uncommon for the rate to be increased by the players to 1:5, 1:20, or even 1:50.

The stakes are obviously larger when the rate of fire is 1:50; take the situation in which a long burst was fired at that speed but the fish still got away. Some elements associated to casinos are:

  • A variety of “tables” with varying levels of entry requirements are open to players.
  • To play, players need access to the main money.
  • Each “table” is designed such that players can join or leave at any moment without disrupting the games of others.

How to Aim Your Shots in the Virtual Fishing Game

Use the right bullet

Players should use quarter-sized bullets and aim towards the middle of the herd if they choose to shoot at the group of four or five young animals. Every fish that is killed earns the player 5 coins. It’s recommended that, unless you have a really deep coin stash, you use no more than 7 coins’ worth of ammunition when shooting gigantic fish.

Put in two separate bullet points

By strategically choosing when and how many times to load, players can increase their winning potential and perhaps amass a large quantity of money. This is the correct method for utilizing the ever-increasing bullet number tactic.

When you’ve killed 10 fish, for example, you can use two or three bullets instead of one, assuming you only used one the first time. If you fired 100 bullets, you’d lose about 558 points, but you might gain back over a thousand points in bonuses.

Discarding freshly served fish by firing at it

When playing fish shooting with seasoned players, one of the unique thrills is shooting fish that have just left the table. This is the recommended approach to the game. Yet, players need pinpoint accuracy in their aiming to destroy the target. Smaller and medium-sized fish are not an exception to this rule. Larger fish are outside the scope of this method.

Don’t be afraid to break out the small-fish shooting technique

Most people playing shooting fish table games go for the larger fish at , reasoning that they will be rewarded more handsomely if they do so. This strategy, however, is useless because it wastes a lot of ammo for no real benefit to the player. As an alternative, gamers can take advantage of the limited shooting angle to take out a school of small fish all at once. Gamers can increase their efficiency by spinning the barrel as they keep firing.

Fire in both directions

One of the most practical strategy bullet points is to fire in both directions. With this method, even the largest fish can be taken by gunfire. the subsequent

  • Prepare your ammunition and begin a steady barrage of shots at the massive fish.
  • You should slowly fire three to five shots at the big fish.
  • When the large fish begins to show signs of weakness, pick up the pace.

Mix up your bullet points

In this fish-shooting game, you can choose from a wide array of bullet types, each of which has a unique role. A player’s ability to combine bullets will greatly improve their effectiveness when fishing. This strategy is used by many professional athletes and has remarkable results.


Playing fish-themed casino games could be a fun and easy way to pass the time, with the added excitement of actually winning anything. If you pay attention to the aforementioned advice, you may improve your chances of winning when participating in such games. Now that you have the greatest information possible, sign up to k9win and start fishing right now. With any luck at all, maybe you’ll be the one who wins the huge prize here.