The Importance of Casino Bonuses in Online Gambling

Bonuses can be the best feature online casinos have to offer. The number of bonuses in land-based casinos is very few, and they are exclusive to high-roller customers: “Ordinary” players cannot take advantage of them. In online casinos, every player is treated like a VIP and can benefit from a large number of bonuses. These promotions are incredibly useful when chosen correctly. They can enable you to double your starting budget or even keep playing even when you have no money. Of course, to get these benefits, it is necessary to choose them correctly and know what to look for. Below, we provide information on both topics and give you the chance to pick the best bonuses.

Main Bonus Types

Before we get started, let’s briefly remember what the basic types of promotional offers are. You can take a look at examples of the promotions listed below by visiting the Vulkan Vegas bonuses page.

  • No Deposit Bonus: As soon as the membership process is completed, a couple of free spins or a cash balance is credited to your account. You do not need to make a deposit for these. The number of spins and/or cash amount is very low but still enough for a few hours of gambling experience. Moreover, if you win a prize, you are allowed to keep it.

  • First Deposit Bonus: The first deposit you make is matched by the casino at a certain rate. For example, if this rate is 100% and you deposit 10 EUR, an additional 10 EUR will be added to your account for free. Sometimes the match rate can be as high as 300% or even 400%. Often this offer includes a number of free spins. The first deposit bonus can only be used once by new members.

  • Deposit Bonus: This bonus ensures that every deposit you make is matched by a certain rate. Unlike the first deposit offer, it can be used continuously. In other words, this is an indefinite bonus and will be applied automatically every time you make a deposit.

There are additional types of bonuses available in online casinos, but we can say that the above three are the most common. Each of these promotions offers a different advantage. With the no deposit bonus, you can play games without having an active balance and win real profits. The first deposit bonus will increase your initial budget. The deposit match-up allows you to have a regular bankroll in the long run. All of these sound good, but if they are not chosen correctly, you will not be able to get any of these advantages. So, what are the criteria to be considered in the promotions selection?

How to Find the Best Bonus Offers

The first thing to look at is how realistic the proposal is. If an offer looks too good to be true, it is not true. If you see an initial deposit offer with a 600% match rate, you should be suspicious, not delighted. No online casino can offer such a rate without harsh conditions. Therefore, you should start by reading the terms and conditions of the bonus.

  • First, see what the wagering rate is. Each bonus requires a certain amount of wagers, the number of bonuses without this requirement is very few and limited to a few exceptional examples. The wagering rate will determine the amount of money that needs to be wagered, and ideally, it should not be higher than 35x – 40x: The lower, the better. Requirements higher than 40x will be very difficult to complete and take too long.

  • See what restrictions are imposed on your account. Until the wagering requirement is completed, some restrictions will be applied to your account and this is normal. However, these restrictions must be fair. For example, conditions that limit the maximum wager to 1 CAD are unfair and make the process too long. This limit should ideally be 5 CAD or more. Likewise, find out whether making a withdrawal before the conditions are completed will cancel the bonus. If there is such a requirement, you may need to continue playing for an extended period of time without a withdrawal.

  • Check out which games the wagering requirement can be completed with. Your bonus is yours and you can use it in any game you want. However, casinos prefer that the wagering process be completed with a specific game type and almost always use slot machines. As long as the wagering requirement is active, only your wagers in slot games will count. Wagers in other games will either contribute less or not at all. In short, you may have to play a certain type of game until the wagering is complete.

Once chosen correctly, each casino bonus will give you a certain advantage. This applies not only to new members but also to existing members. In addition to the deposit match-up, existing members can also earn weekly gifts and loyalty points. These points can be used to unlock exclusive bonuses after reaching a certain amount. For this reason, we recommend you to choose online casinos with a loyalty program.