The Best Site to Play Online Solitaire

Solitaire was among the first PC games that hit the mainstream. It has offered a fun way for people to be entertained in their homes and offices since it was primarily included with the Windows operating system back in 1990. But the card game is not new, as its origins date back to the 1800s. You can still play the built-in game on Windows, but it is a bit clunky these days. If you are looking for a classic Solitaire game that you can play, not just on your computer but on other devices as well, such as on your smartphone or tablet, then online Solitaire is perfect for you.

However, when you search for a website to play Solitaire, there are lots of options that can make the choosing process quite daunting. If you are looking for one, no worries, as we’re here to help you. In this article, we are giving you details about the best site where you can play online Solitaire.

How To Choose an Online Solitaire Game

Before we give you details about the best website, we are going to provide you with the factors that you need to know to be able to choose a good online Solitaire game. Below are some of the important features that you need to consider:

Undo Feature

This is an important and very useful feature that you need to look for when playing online Solitaire. You need to check how many undo’s you can do. It is nice if you can find one with infinite undos, which can lead you back to the beginning of the current game. This way, you can test out different moves as you play or undo them when you accidentally make the wrong move.

Winnable Game Feature

Most Solitaire players would know that not all games or sets are winnable. But there are websites that have this interesting feature where players can choose before each game if they want a winning game dealt out. When you play this type of game, you will realize that when you can’t find the last few moves, you can be sure that they are just there, or you could have made other moves differently. This feature makes it an interesting challenge. But keep in mind that these games are not all easy to win, even if they have a 100%-win rate.

Hints Option

It is also great if the Solitaire game has a “hint” option. This way, if you are stuck and don’t know what move to make next, all you need to do is click the “hint” button, and it will suggest a possible move through animation. No matter how many games you played, you will still sometimes miss a move, which makes this feature very useful. It can also let you know if there are no other possible moves, letting you decide to end the game or undo your previous moves.

Appearance or Game Design

Of course, it is also great if you can find an online Solitaire game that looks good, especially if you will be playing on a smaller device. It is better if the cards are spread out nicely on the screen, as it is quite difficult if they are crammed together. It is also nice to find one that has good graphics, this way, you can clearly see the cards that you are playing with. The size should also fit the screen perfectly, and the animations or moves should be smooth for more fun and entertaining gameplay.

What We Recommend

person playing with cards

After learning about the important factors to consider when choosing an online Solitaire game, it is time to give our recommendation. Among the many online Solitaire websites out there, one of the best that we can recommend is This website offers all the classic Solitaire games that many people love to play. These include classic Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and FreeCell. What’s even better is that they are all free to play.

The games featured on this website have unlimited undos and hints. You can also toggle the sound, set autoplay, turn 3 cards or turn 1 card at a time, and more. It also offers a daily Solitaire game challenge for you to get on a winning streak. Here are some of the other wonderful features that the website offers:

  • Free Games: On this website, you will be able to enjoy unlimited free games in both online and offline versions.
  • Autoplay: You can turn on or off the autoplay game, which works when obvious or when won.
  • Free Hints: If you are stuck in the game, you just need to click the hint buttons, and it will give you a hint on your next move.
  • Compatibility: The Solitaire games offered on this website are optimized for all sizes. This means that they are compatible with both mobile screens and large desktop screens.
  • Design: The Solitaire games it offers have beautiful designs. They also have custom-made cards for mobile and desktop.
  • Retina Ready Game: The games are also optimized for retina display, which is perfect if you are playing on iOS, iPad, or MacBook.
  • Hotkeys: If you are into playing fast, the site also offers hotkey controls that you can utilize when you play.
  • Unlimited Undos: As we’ve mentioned earlier, it is great if you can find a website that offers infinite undos, and this one does. This means that you will get plenty of chances to win the game.
  • Download for Offline Play: You can also enjoy the Solitaire games that this site offers, even when you do not have an internet connection. You can do this by downloading the games.


Solitaire is indeed among the fun computer games that we can play if we feel bored or want to have some entertaining activity while taking a break from work. It is nice to know that we can now access the game online using different devices and even play them offline by downloading the games. With this, we can enjoy playing Solitaire anytime and anywhere we go. We hope this article helped you in finding the best website to play online Solitaire.