The Best Foods That All Footballers Eat

Football, like any sport played at the elite level required the competitors to ensure that they have a healthy and balance diet to ensure that they are able to perform at optimum performance throughout their games. Although, there are some superfoods on the market that some football explain that they are the key to their success and today we’ve created a list of some of these foods to increase performance.

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First of all, eating oily fish is such a good source of protein but not just that but is also full of healthy fats such as Omega 3 which is beneficial for reducing inflammation in the body, helps you recover quickly and enables athletes to train for longer and harder.

Everyone knows how important it is to eat your five a day but spinach is one of those vegetables that completely transforms your body due to it being a superfood. Spinach is so easy to cook and eat and is virtually tasteless for those who are fussy eaters so is easy to put in foods without tasting it. Spinach is rich in iron, good for your blood flow and has a significant effect on restoring energy levels.  Also make sure you consider a good tuermeric curcumin complex as well.

Another good form of protein is that of Eggs which are another simple way to eat and cook to gain the best performance for footballs. Eggs have roughly about 8g of protein in each egg and are perfect for muscle repair after a game. Not just thins, but that have a host of natural amino acids in them which are also beneficial for repairing muscle.

The Best Foods That All Footballers Eat 2

Another superfood that is similar to spinach, but this time is actually a fruit is that of blueberries. Not only are blueberries seriously tasty but they are full of anti-oxidants that prevent the body from the effects of DOMS after training but they have also be proved to have good effects on mental health of sports stars – an essential for the diet.

And finally, one that most will know about, but chicken is the best form of protein out there for athletes to fuel their body with. Not only is chicken one of the tastiest meats out there but is packed with protein and is so similar to cook in hundreds of different ways.