The Best Copper Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Your copper wedding anniversary alludes to your seventh year of marriage, and if you’re approaching this with your spouse, you might be on the hunt for a copper gift. Copper represents your seventh year of marriage as copper is capable of producing heat, symbolizing the warmth of your relationship. As well as this, copper is particularly strong, which symbolizes your relationship growing in strength as it matures. As a married couple, it’s your duty to provide one another with warmth, security, safety, and comfort over time, which ultimately leads you to become better people. So, what copper pieces are the perfect gift for a seventh wedding anniversary?

Personalized Copper Print

First up is a personalized copper print. This could include each of your names, as well as the year in which you were married. Similarly, it could contain the lyrics of the song of your first dance, or even your wedding vows if you wrote your own. Why not also purchase a nice frame to go alongside this so that it can be hung upon the wall as soon as it gets opened? Copper is such an elegant metal and will look great on any wall or mantlepiece and you should seriously consider this for a prospective seventh wedding anniversary gift.

Copper Coffee Maker

We all know someone that can’t function without coffee, and if that someone is your spouse, you might gift them a copper coffee maker. This is a lifesaver for any coffee lover, allowing them to make the perfect cup of coffee every morning. A personal gift such as this will display thought and consideration for your other half, whilst still adhering to the theme of copper gifts. As previously mentioned, copper is such a sleek metal, meaning that it will simultaneously serve a purpose and decorate your kitchen. If you regularly share a cup of coffee over breakfast, this is the perfect gift for those who bond during breakfast time.

Copper Teapot

Coffee isn’t for everyone and some people much prefer a cup of tea. Therefore, if you’re married to a tea lover, a copper teapot is the perfect gift. Whether you use it as a decorative piece in your kitchen or actually boil water on the stove, this is the perfect gift for someone who can’t go without their daily cup of tea. Most copper stove-top teapots will come with a wooden handle so that they can be safely handled without the risk of scolding. Additionally, they’re appropriate for gas and electric stoves alike, meaning that they can effortlessly slot into any kitchen.

Copper Tumbler/Mug

Perhaps you and your other half prefer to bond over your favorite tipple, in which case, you might buy them copper tumblers or mugs. These are available in novelty shapes such as pineapples, for those who love an exotic cocktail. Enjoying your favorite drinks together is one of the best ways to enjoy each other’s company and reminisce on the seven years that you’ve had together. Otherwise, the novelty drinking solutions can act as fun centerpieces for any kitchen or dining room. Cocktails will taste so much sweeter in matching copper “glassware” as it represents your warm bond as a couple.

Copper Sand Timer

Last up is a sand timer that is filled with copper sand to signify your time with one another. Not only is this a functional piece, but it’s a unique statement piece that very few people will have in their homes. On top of this, it’s a gift filled with sentiment and something that will forever remind you of your first seven years of marriage.