City Survival Basics

City Survival Basics

The idea of needing to survive after a disaster is a common one, and being prepared is definitely a good idea, especially as unrest grows. Most people consider bugging out and living in a wooded area near a stream and teach themselves to build a fire and forage for food. These are … Read more

Top Food Items to Consider for Urban Prepping and Survival

Canned food in the grocery aisles

We all need to be prepared with whatever may come our way. Though we all know that we should be ready for these types of situations, we don’t often think about the logistics until we really need to. Now that we’re stuck at home due to coronavirus, urban prepping becomes more relevant … Read more

Must Have Urban Survival Gear for City Dwellers

Survival is commonly associated with the wilderness and most TV shows and sites focus on skills and items you need outdoors. That’s probably why most people tend to ignore the importance of being prepared in a city. Instead of worrying about surviving in the wild, we should focus more on learning survival … Read more