Common Household Items That Can Be Used as Survival Gear

When it comes to preparing survival items for disasters that may happen, a lot of people feel overwhelmed because there are lots of survival items they want to buy. However, some survival gear can be very expensive, and those who cannot afford them tend to panic. Well, if you are feeling worried that you might … Read more

Best Clothing for Urban Disaster Situations

Today, clothes are very easy to get because we can buy them in many places and even online. There are also people who are worrying about how much clothes they have, but they don’t wear. It’s possible that you own lots of clothes for different occasions, like formal dresses for parties, a wide variety of … Read more

Things You Realize When the Power Is Out

Electricity is one of the many discoveries that have shaped people’s way of living. For most of us, it is nearly impossible to live without electricity because it helps us cook our foods, give us light, and power our appliances. Well, most people, when they think of the electricity going out, the first things that … Read more

Emergency Tools to Have Before SHTF

Preparing for doomsday might sound intimidating for some people, but being prepared before SHTF is actually a great idea. It’s not that you are expecting a calamity or an emergency to happen. It’s just simply making sure that you know what to do, and you have all the right things needed if ever one occurs.  … Read more

5 Survival Myths That Could Hurt You

While growing up, there are myths that you come across each day. Some of them are true, while others are lies. Some of them show you how you can survive when you come across a calamity. Yeah, no matter how factual they look like, it is not best of you to do them because you … Read more

How to Survive in the City Without Power

Living without electricity is not as easy as you think it is, especially when the majority of your household items depend on it to function. There are lots of technologies managed by electricity that provide us with important things, including heat, water, food, transportation, energy, communication, and as well as entertainment.Without power, you won’t be … Read more

How to Make a Small Water Filtration Plant

Survivor Filter  Virus Tested 0 05 Micron Portable Water Filter for Camping Emergency and Hiking

When you find yourself stuck in an emergency situation, water becomes one of your top priorities. Humans can only survive 3 days without water on average. However, finding water isn’t the issue. There are swamps, lakes, oceans, streams, rivers, and ponds all around the world. The challenging part is locating water that’s safe to consume. … Read more