How Can Night Vision Technology be used in Hunting?

A man wearing helmet and night vision goggles

Whether you like to stay at home or go out and hunt, night vision devices have many uses in our everyday lives. It is being incorporated in many aspects of our lives to facilitate us, and hunting is no exception. In a way, night vision devices have become an essential part of … Read more

All You Need To Know About Real Night Vision Goggles

Night-Vision Goggle (NVG) conjures up a picture of action-thriller movies in which the characters are trying to observe people or activities at night. As always, movies bring us close to reality and the night vision goggle is not an exception. At first, they were mostly used by military officers and people in … Read more

10 Best Night Vision Goggles with Helmets

Night Vision Goggles with Helmets

Whether it’s your job or your hobby or desire to be prepared for when the lights go out, working with night vision sometimes requires a helmet. Instead of the usual binoculars or monoculars, a helmet has its benefits because of its convenience. Wearing this piece of equipment would keep your hands free … Read more

Understanding the Technology Generations of Night Vision Goggles

Generations of Night Vision Goggles

You’ve already seen it in video games and Hollywood flicks those grainy green screens of night vision on the lead character who looks like a futuristic cyborg with goggles attached to his head. The reality is night vision goggles are accessible to just about everyone today whether it be for hunting, working … Read more

Guide to Night Vision Binoculars

Guide to Night Vision Binoculars

Vision is a physical sense which uses light to provide information to the brain so that it can make conclusions about the surroundings. Scientists have compared human eyes to cameras. A camera filters light through the lens controls the intensity with an aperture and focuses the image. While the light coming into … Read more