Natural Options for Pain Relief

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Medicinal drugs are a great discovery as they dismiss our body from discomfort and can even get our lives out of danger. Sometimes we are out of our prescription and are in desperate need of pain relief. Doctors recommend over-the-counter medications then. But these over-counter medications have many side effects. Many people … Read more

Natural Infection Fighters

Natural Infection Fighters

Infection is a pain – literally! Whether the infection is internal or external, one’s main goal is to clear up the problem. Infections are caused by one of three things: bacteria, fungus, or virus. While there are pharmaceutical drugs available to treat these, overuse of some of them – especially antibiotics – … Read more

Natural Remedies for First Aid Needs

A first aid case consisting of medicines and bandages

When we say first aid, everyone might think about the first aid kits in their homes that include pain killers, bandages for minor cuts and wounds, etc. But are these enough for all types of emergencies like a bee stings, shortness of breath, scrapes, and burns? Isn’t it necessary that we all … Read more