Preparedness Tips for Babies and Children

A person wearing a raincoat and standing in water

Prepping with babies and children can be quite tough because they don’t understand the complexity of situations as we grown-ups do. Each emergency is different, and we need to prepare our children according to that. In case of an emergency situation, you will be notified by local authorities via updates on TV, … Read more

Tips for Preparing for Hurricanes

an aerial view of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane is typically a type of cyclone that forms over warm ocean waters and moves towards land. Hurricanes can damage properties and shatter lives as they also bring along heavy rainfall, powerful winds, storm surges, coastal and inland flooding, landslides, rip currents, and tornadoes. They are most active in September and can … Read more

Tips for Preparing for Tornadoes


Natural disasters such as tornadoes can be devastating acts of nature. Tornadoes are generally referred to as rotating, whirling winds that appear in a funnel shape. These storms can reach up to 300mph, causing a lot of destruction to land, infrastructure, and even the whole town within minutes. According to research, the … Read more