Supports for Smart phones and how to Choose the Best Cup Holder Phone Mount

Some may say that smartphone holder is auseless thing and a waste of money, but there are also many other people who use them practically all the time. So who is right? To clarify this matter in this article we will try to compare different types of supports and holders for smartphones, analyze their advantages and disadvantages and present some tips that may help you choose the most suitable model for your purposes.

  • Main features

  • Fixing supports

  • Smartphone fixation

By itself the word “support” (fastener, fixer) means a device provided with a fixing mechanism (clasp, magnet) that allows to hold the smartphone or tablet with best cup holder phone mount.

99% of smartphone bras are used in cars. Often times in the car there is simply no safe place to store the phone. We can place it on the board or seat, but during movement it can easily slip and break. So, the main function of bra is to protect the phone from drops. All the more so if the phone is expensive and fragile.

Lately, thanks to different applications and Internet access, smartphones are often used as browsers, security cameras, video players and televisions in cars and bicycles. Hence, the need to modify the construction of supports in order to adapt them to these purposes Like best cup holder phone mount and the themarany is best website when you will go to buy cup holder phone mounts.

At some point in the world of cell phones, there was a breakthrough in camera development. As a result, people started using smartphones as cameras. The need to stabilize the camera position arose, which they also solved with the help of supports (a good example – selfie stick).

There are also brackets that allow phones and tablets to be fixed on tables and other furniture. They are very popular with housewives:

The smartphone is fixed in the holder in a comfortable position to watch movies, read recipes or talk via video communication. With this, the hands are free and the phone will surely not fall into the boiling water.

Main features

To correctly choose the support model it is necessary to determine where it is going to be fixed.

Depending on the fixing method, we can divide the supports into the following types of best cup holder phone mount.

Over grille (deflector)

These types of mounts have a cross-shaped fastener that will fit any vents in the auto salon. They are mostly universal and compatible with all car brands.

With suction cup

Mount is fixed on the windshield or dashboard with the help of a suction cup. Suction cup mounts can be used not only in cars, but also in the home or office.

In the CD tray

Today the vast majority of cars are equipped with CD trays, but drivers generally use USB sticks and SD cards. Therefore, the manufacturers of smartphone holders found a practical application for this atavism: they invented a special fixer that is inserted into the slot and allows holding the phone. It is a very practical solution, since in this case the phone is always within easy reach and at the same time does not get in the way. In addition, if you happen to listen to a CD, the fixer is easily removed from the tray.

On the rear-view mirror

A special holder that allows to fix the phone holder under the rear-view mirror. This position is also quite comfortable – the phone is practically before your eyes. On the other hand, this can divert the driver’s attention from the road, so this type of support is more recommended for the co-driver.

In the lighter

Quite an interesting model that combines the functions of the holder and charger. It would be uncomfortable to use this support if you use the phone as a browser, but, on the other hand, the cell phone is always within reach and charging.

In cup holder

This type of holder consists of a tube with an arm and a holder on top. Tube width is adjustable and fits any cup holder. It should be taken into account that in this case, your cup holder will always be busy and there is a high probability of spilling a drink if you ever forget it.

Another important factor is the way the smartphone is attached to the mount, which often determines the dimensions of the mount. If you have a small car and there is not enough space in the living room, it is preferable to use the holder with magnetic fixer. However, if you want a nice and firm support and space allows it, you can opt for a support with the mechanical or automatic fixator.