Some exciting ways to become a dynamic business leader by Michael Giannulis

The ideal approach to becoming a more effective youthful leader is to keep it as your objective in your learning journey. That includes a mix of regular involvement with work and with your activities. You need to be both curious and engaged if you want to be a leader. Learning is necessary but being capable of teaching is essential.

Here are tips for the individuals who are anxious to know about leadership according to Mike Giannulis

To become a commanding leader, you must develop these qualities:


You are liable to maintain a transparent ambiance among your colleagues to avoid any misunderstanding. So, educate your colleagues regarding both great and awful news and the outcome.

Prepare yourself to face challenges: As an entrepreneur, prepare yourself to face challenges. Find answers for the results of significant decisions.


Every organization works with teams. Your team will become loyal and engaged when trustworthy people surround them. For this, get involved in the employee’s or co-worker’s everyday activity. Pay attention to the task of those individuals who are behind the scene.


Professionalism has no place for emotion. In case you feel overwhelmed, take a walk to stay focused. Keep in mind that managers, partners, and colleagues do make mistakes. Try to deal with them with calmness.

Follow your passion

According to Michael Giannulis, young entrepreneurs must identify their areas of interest. Following this, they may convert it into a viable career option.

Observe and Listen

To become a leader, develop your skills of observing and listening. Through body language, manners, and words, people express themselves. By following their actions, you can say a lot about that person. Look for their areas of interest, their passion, and also tasks that make them gloomy.

Be a role model

A role model is someone who people follow. As a leader, try to develop problem-solving skills to improve a situation. Try to develop all those qualities which you would want to see in your team members.

Control your organization: As the owner of a business organization, it is your responsibility to keep all aspects under control. You must have a precise understanding of business plans and strategies.

Earning respect is a tedious task. For this, ethically project yourself. Communicate to your employees how you value their opinion and make efforts to internalize them in business strategy. An essential trait of a good business leader is their curiosity to learn something new. Try to be sympathetic towards others and abstain from humiliating them.

For a young business entrepreneur working hard, staying organized, and being curious to grab new information related to the market is essential. Always remember that you are still young and building your career. Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun with your family. Try to maintain a proper balance between professional and personal life. Never put labels on individuals. The same applies to you. Remember that your identity does not depend on your title. On the whole, try to win your employees’ trust by making every possible effort in helping each other grow.