Planning A House Party Everything You Need To Know For The Best House Party

By the time you’ve paid for your uber, new outfit, drinks, entry price and multiplied that by the number of people going out. It’s usually much more comfortable – and cooler – to throw an epic house party. Of course, to really make the most of it, you’ll want to do a little more than grab 3 bottles of rosé and hope for the best. So, if you’re ready to throw an epic house party, first check these links to party houses (location matters!), and secondly here is what you need to know.


When it comes to choosing who you are inviting, you need to think carefully. Of course, in any set of friends, there can be tension, and many people have at least three different friend groups. If you want to bring them all together, then account for different personalities. Skip inviting people who drink way too much, those that are known to get rude or loud.

Try and stick to people you really like and love.


Unless you’re planning to stage a cook-a-thon or create the world’s largest guac bowl – don’t consider cooking. In general, you’re unlikely to be able to cater for 30 or so people on a budget. But, you can ask people to bring snacks. Popcorn, pretzels, dips, meat and cheese laid on the sides work brilliantly.

Don’t put all the food in one place though. Many people have a tendency to put everything in the kitchen – which then becomes a people trap. Avoid that by spacing food around the party space. One of the perfect areas in the house to throw a party is in the chalet. Check out the link if you want to buy Neue chalet with unmatched quality.


There is an art to the right party music. Skip the cost of a DJ and DIY it. If you know what type of music you want, that’s great. Take some time to curate the perfect playlists using iTunes, Spotify or Deezer. They have preloaded playlist options, but you’re going to want to add them into your own list.  If you prefer a retro vibe, play your playlist on your old vinyl record player.  The first hour of music should be pretty chill, people will be taking to each other as well as just arriving. The next few hours you should mix in some old skool classics and deepcuts. People will have had a little tipple by then and will likely sing or dance and relax. If you know what time you want the party to wind down, then you can let the music do the talking. Change it to lower tempo stuff, much like in a club, people take it as a cue to head home.


We all have a photographer friend. With a handy DSLR or a polaroid and a keen eye. They don’t need to dedicate a whole evening to it, but having memories capture is lovely. We’ve all got a couple of photos while we’ve been out with friends that we love.  You can also hire photographers to capture all the great moments!

Notify People

If you aren’t booking a party house (and you really should), then you’re going to have to let your neighbours know. If you aren’t on great terms with them, this might not go so well. There are rules about how loud music can be after certain times of the night, which might put a dampener on your late night bash.

Be considerate, and you aren’t likely to run into any trouble.

Cleaning Up

Unless you really enjoy cleaning up with a mild hangover, then make sure that you book a cleaner in for the next day. You can head out for some fresh air, or you can hide under the covers while they do their thing. Book it in advance, and try and get an early afternoon slot. If there is more than plates and cups on the floor, then be kind and clean some of it up yourself.

Block-It Off

There are some rooms that you might like to keep as off limits. Depending on how many people you’re inviting and the personalities of those people, you might want to block a few rooms off. If they don’t have locks, then pop a piece of furniture like a chest of draws in front of the door. This will allow you to keep some spaces free of crumbs, spilt wine and stray snoring people.

House parties are massive fun, and they don’t take too long to pull together. People are happy to bring a few of their own bottles to add to the stash and food too. Make sure there are plenty of places to sit, and you’ll have a brilliant evening. If you have the location booked, the food ordered or prepped, and the guest list perfected – all you’ll need to do is get dressed and get ready to party.