Places Where You Will Find Extensions Of Your Favourite Franchises

The entertainment industry thrives off of recognizable intellectual properties. These properties are probably most known to you as franchises, long-running entertainment series that rake in the cash. These include T.V shows, movies, and book series with stories that span across all manner of sequels and reboots. For some reason, we can’t get enough of our favourite stories and characters, which is why the owners of these franchises will often expand into other media.

You won’t have to look far to find branded content that continues the lore of a specific franchise. This article will detail just a few places you can search.

Video Games

The video game industry has become a massive entertainment enterprise in the last twenty years. It used to only be computer enthusiasts that frequented the local arcade, whereas now video games are a mainstream pastime for people of all ages. Video games are widespread that the industry took in around $120 million dollars in revenue from South Africa alone. That makes video games a very lucrative business to be in.

As a result, video game developers are always looking for new material for their next title. One profitable source of inspiration often comes from existing brands. There is already a pre-existing fan base, which means that there is already a platform for success. Films like The Matrix and Mad Max have both received video game spin-offs, so this is definitely an avenue that you can use to pursue additional content.

Casino Games

Sticking with digital content for the moment, you may also be pleased to know that many online casino games choose to theme themselves around existing IPs. There are already hundreds of online slot games on sites like Play Live, which means that the developers are always looking to branch out in different ways.

Again, it is easy to market to an existing audience. That is why you will find slots that are themed around Pinocchio and Twisted Sister at Play Live Casino. That’s right, even popular rock bands are getting on the cross-promotion game.


When franchises get big, the owners often look into new ways to ride the wave of success. It might sound strange to read a novelized version of a movie, but these tie-in books are often released alongside blockbuster films.

You may think it foolish to read a story that you have already seen play out on the big screen, but there is more to these novels than you may think. For one they have to include more material than the original film. This means that you get an extended version of the film that you love, alongside new character details and hints toward future content in one anthology.

Plus reading is good for you. What better way to begin a new hobby than by connecting it to the one you already enjoy.


Anything and everything has a web page nowadays. The internet is where most people go for their entertainment needs, so it makes sense that every company is trying to promote itself in this space.

However, creative media allows the owner to be clever with how they develop their site. Instead of compiling information onto a page and including a web store, these companies can create a fully interactive experience for their audience that ties into the franchise they love. These types of websites keep the user hooked for longer, which means that they are more likely to return to the site and engage in the product for longer. A successful example of this type of brand synergy is the Potter-more site that ties into the Harry Potter franchise.

Themed Locations

Readers and viewers can engage in the world that they love by consuming the media that presents the franchise that they love, but unfortunately, you will never be able to step foot in your favourite fictional place. However, you can try the next best thing.

Themed locations exist to bring profitable fictional realities to life. Fans of the property can go to restaurants and eat similar foods to characters from the show, or participate in roller coasters that try to replicate key events.

Of course, everyone knows that the most popular themed location on the planet is Disney land, but there are other smaller examples all over the globe. You will find both a Batman café and a Pokémon store in London, and explore a number of popular filming locations across South Africa. You may not be able to actually participate in District 9, so why not visit the place they brought it to life?


Pop culture is only going to evolve as time moves forward. Technology will one day reach a point that allows us to walk among fictional realities. For now, though, you will have to be content with the things that we have listed above.