Patek Philippe’s 10 Most Expensive Watches of All Time

Patek Philippe is undoubtedly one of the most famous businesses to symbolize the importance of time in a watch. Patek Philippe is known for its quality and high-quality timepieces and has developed several exceptional watches throughout the years.

Patek, Czapek & Co. was the firm’s name when Francois Czapek and Antoni Patek founded it in 1839. They started off designing and selling pocket watches until Francois Czapek left the firm in 1845.

1936 Pilot Watch

The case proportions of this Patek Philippe 1936 Pilot watch were so unusual that it was termed a revolutionary timepiece when it was initially launched. The case is composed of chrome and nickel and has a diameter of 55mm. The dial has a black finish with Arabic numbers, and the scales are carved out of off-white lacquer. As of this writing, the estimated price is $1.7 million.

Patek Philippe 1925 Grogan

The only Patek Philippe chronograph watch with a sixty-minute counter is the 1923 Officer, and the 1925 Grogan is the only left-handed wristwatch.The dials and settings are all positioned on the left side of the watch to make it easy to use.

The chronograph watch is made of pure gold and has a chronograph. It’s in the shape of a c. The watch is constructed of solid gold and has a chronograph. It was sold for $1.95 million in 2006 and had the form of a cushion.

1944 Model 1591

The Patek Philippe 1591 Model, from 1944, is a scarce Patek Philippe watch. In reality, just two models are reported to exist at this time. The majority of people were unaware of it until the watch was auctioned off in 1996. The watch belonged to an Indian Maharajah, who donated it as a gift to his wedding planner.

1957 Patek Philippe 2499

In terms of rarity, just five examples of the 1957 model 2499 are reported to survive today. Patek Philippe’s logo is etched on the rose gold watch. It is one of the most valuable timepieces ever auctioned, weighing around 18 carats. In 2007, the timepiece was sold for $2.28 million.

1953 Heures Universelles 2523

This Patek Philippe from 1953 is one of the most beautiful timepieces ever made. It has a colorful face design and an enamel dial with a whole map of North America. It has a gold casing and weighs about 18 karats. It’s also rather pricey, having been sold at an auction for $2.9 million.

1923 Officer

It has an 18-karat yellow gold case and a unique chronograph. The outer ring of the watch has two subsidiary dials: a 60-minute register at 3 o’clock and a 60-second continuous display at 9 o’clock. The only Patek Philippe chronograph watch with a sixty-minute counter is this one.

It’s also Patek Philippe’s only watch with black Breguet numerals encrusted on white enamel. With a traditional design that has been surpassed by sophistication, the 1923 officer is one of the most unusual watches you’ll ever see. The watch is owned by the Patek Philippe Museum, which paid $2,965,000 for it following a heated bidding war.

1895/1927 Patek Philippe Minute-Repeating Wristwatch

This model is most likely the most expensive wristwatch ever sold at a Sotheby’s auction. The watch was initially priced at $600,000 before it was auctioned. The watch was sold for five times its original price.

The 1927 Yellow Gold wristwatch, which had a tonneau-like design, was one of Henry Graves, Jr.’s collections. As a result, a coat of arms symbolizing the Graves family is etched on the watch. Graves’ collection also included the Super Complication clock-watch (also by Patek Philippe), valued at $11 million.

1951 Ref 2499

The 1951 Ref 2499, weighing 18 carats and a rose gold body, is one of the top ten most expensive Patek Philippe watches of all time, costing $2.12 million. This model features a perpetual calendar, signature stamping, and a moon phase dial, among other features.

The most bizarre aspect of Ref 2499 is the fact that just two models were ever made. The first, which arrived in a platinum casing, was from the private collection of famed guitarist Eric Clapton. Clapton received $3,655,757 for the watch.

1939 Platinum World Time

This Patek Philippe model was created in 1939 and features a stunning design. Only one of these watches was ever produced, making it a one-of-a-kind Patek Philippe timepiece. The watch was meticulously crafted, with a list of the world’s 42 most populous cities arranged around its face with perfect accuracy. In 2002, it sold for $4.03 million.


Patek Philippe remains an independent company with closely guarded secrets and plans, and its most prestigious watches frequently go straight from the factory to the hands of the world’s most prestigious collectors — never to be seen on a store counter or in a window. Patek Philippe leads the pack when it comes to high-end timepiece auction prices.