Paintings of Village and Countryside We Miss

Whenever it comes to finding the right painting for our house, the choices out there perplexes a lot. It gets difficult to categorize what we love and what we hate. But, Village or countryside paintings often capture our attention and get us thinking, ‘Why isn’t this beauty at my place?’ Perhaps the best part of deciding on artworks for home is to choose from different art styles we love the most.

Paintings of Village and Countryside

There are several art genres popular nowadays like forest painting, historical painting, wildlife painting, and the best of all couple paintings. Still, aren’t we more connected with our ancestors and nature around?

The definitive subject of any village or countryside painting is nature itself and the beauty of people sharing lovable bonds. Regardless of what the country is, village paintings have their own beauty and charm. One of the major reasons why Village Paintings are still in the mind of every artist is the simplicity it carries. But let’s not forget there is more to the list, which is mentioned in detail below!

Why are Village Paintings So Popular?

Why are Village Paintings So Popular?

This painting is from the 18th century, and still, it has the same vibrance and attention to detail. Just like this, artists from all over the world in the olden times have upheld various looks of villages.

They have beautified arid lands, hot and sunny climate, and also the poor condition and struggle of people in good old times. On the other hand, they even replicated the beauty of nature, ripening season, and the flora and fauna. Hence, these paintings seem more realistic than any other art genre, it simply feels that you are living that era.



The other most important type of village painting is showcasing the rainy season and the beauty of nature in that particular period. Most often, painters in that era tried to demonstrate the hard work of farmers in the field, and how farming was done all with the help of bullock carts. This is a common scene, and the most basic one from the village life, but isn’t this all still makes us wonder how determined and diligent were the people in olden times?

Whatever the subject of the painting is, the emotions a viewer will have while watching are just similar across the world. In hotter countries, artists bring forward the activities done by the locals and how they survive. On the other hand, painters from snow-clad villages present the climate and livelihood. For example, a painting of a cottage in a cornfield titled ‘The Hay Wain’ is from the 18th century. This piece of art has all the details minutely drawn, and also inspires us to visit a cottage like this, someday!

What are the Important Aspects of Village Paintings?

What are the Important Aspects of Village Paintings?

There are several important aspects of village paintings but the best one is the use of different shades of colors and textures. Villages are artists’ exceptional subject of happiness and delight. Because they can freely use any shade to paint the picture, and the result will be good anyway.

As mother Nature has different shades within itself, artists can draw it all just by a combination of two colors, or ten. Hence, village paintings are available in oil, water, and acrylic colors. Villages have also been a part of traditional art styles like Tanjore, Madhubani, and Kalighat painting. Painters back then used villages as a source of inspiration to create wonderful pieces.

Village Paintings often allows the painter to explore its ability while creating pieces. Since the artwork includes a lot of objects, one can easily try different variations through the colors available. And that’s the reason why even today both young and established artists practice village life art as one of their major art forms.

The best part about village paintings is it’s not always Gowdy and protestant or rebellious. Sometimes even the simplest picture can attract anyone because over here it’s about Mother Nature and the wonders. Having said this, the beautiful locales displayed in the paintings never fail to uplift any individual spirits. And without moving anywhere, you can make yourself happy just by viewing the painting, like the below-given painting of The Departing Caravan from the 80s!

The Bottom Line

A village and countryside painting in your house will show your respect and love for your roots. And let’s not forget that these paintings will help future generations to know more about villages and the community back then. So, go ahead create a relaxed and vibrant ambiance with these stunning artworks of natural scenic beauty. To get some mind blowing ideas browse through someĀ village artworks.