Overcoming Anxiety: 4 Tips to help calm your anxiety

Whether you’re applying for a job, meeting your girlfriends’ parents or betting in your favorite online slot sites or related casinos, anxiety creeps up behind you like a shadow. In everyday situations, it’s normal to get nervous about something. However, anxiety is something entirely different, and from a respected survey conducted in the US, about 40 million people suffer from anxiety. However, before we get into the technicalities of it, let me explain a viable difference between anxiety and your basic nervousness.

Anxiety vs Nervousness: How is it different?

When we talk about nervousness, it is the specific response of our brain when we’re in certain situations, like worrying about a test that is due tomorrow, or something else that makes you nervous.

On the other side, when we’re talking about anxiety, it is not something specific or our body’s response to something specific. Anxiety is an illness and is often overlooked by most people, which is why it can get pretty ugly sometimes. Anxiety can transverse from General Anxiety Disorder, which mostly consists of worrying about something uncontrollable to sudden episodes, trembling, shaking and more.

Now that we’re done with that, let’s talk about those 5 tips we promised you that will surely help you in calming your anxiety.

Stay in the present

When we’re talking about anxiety, it is related to the future, not the past, not the present, but the future. Excessive worrying about the future and things that you cannot control can cause anxiety, and the best way to calm yourself is to stay in the present. Question yourself about what is happening right now, rather than What’s going to happen, and you’ll realize the things you’re worried about are just folly.  Do you need an escape?  Then check out options like https://s-bobet.com to have some fun.

Say no to sugar

When it comes to being anxious, the first thing your body starts craving for is sugar-based products, an incessant craving for something sweet. However, while that might seem like a good option, if you take something sweet, that’ll only worsen your anxious self, as stated by various doctors. So give yourself a nudge and stop yourself from that craving.

The 3-3-3 rule

If you’re anxious, the 3-3-3 rule can help in various ways. This rule includes that if you start feeling anxious, sit straight, look around and name three things you can see. Now, name three different things you can hear. Finally, name three different body parts of yours. Do this whenever you catch yourself in an anxious situation, and it’ll help you stay focused and calm.

Talk to someone

Feeling anxious has its mental toll, and the best thing to do in this situation is to talk to someone you love, a friend maybe, or a family member too. Basically, anyone that you feel you can openly talk about your problems to, because excessive worrying can build up, and its always good to have someone to talk to. Additionally, you can also sign up for a talking session with a therapist, or join a Facebook group where people meet and talk about their problems.