Online Vs Offline Slots: Payouts, RTPs and Experience

Slots are arguably one of the most popular casino games. They have evolved from the traditional physical slot machine to modern online slots. Online slots make it easier than ever to access and play slot games. Add to this the fact that they can be played on almost any device and it is not difficult to see why they are so popular.

However, what about offline slots? Are they just as popular? Also, are there any notable differences between online and offline slots? The short answer to this question is yes. Find below some differences between the two in terms of payouts, RTPs, and experience when you play today.

Online Slots vs. Offline Slots

Offline slot machines are physical slot machines that can be found at casinos or pubs. The machine is quite easy to operate as there is no need to create an account. You just insert money into the slot and you are good to go. Online slots differ in the sense that it can be played on any online casino website from your laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Better Social Experience Offline

Online slots have more to offer players than offline casinos in terms of game variety. Not only will you have more slots to choose from, but also different themes and jackpot types. Regardless, offline slots take the cake when it comes to the gaming experience.

Playing slots offline means that you are surrounded by real people. With online slots on the other hand you are more often than not only in the company of a small screen. Even though online casino operators have created chat forums with the goal of encouraging more socializing, it is just not the same. So if you prefer to play with friends or family, then offline slots are the option for you.

Online Slots Offer Higher RTPs

Online slots offer slightly higher RTPs than those of offline slots because offline. A slot’s RTP refers to its return to player percentage, which is the percentage of all money bet on a slot that gets paid back to players over the lifetime of the slot. The higher a slot’s RTPs the more money you get back over time. It is important that you note that the RTP is not calculated based on a single slot session.

Payouts Are Higher Online

The fact that online slots offer higher return to player rates means that they automatically offer higher payouts too. Additionally, it has been proven that online slots pay out approximately 10% more than offline casinos on average. This is largely due to the fact that online slots experience lower overhead, which means that they can afford to pay out more.  Be sure to check out options like CasinoExpert as well for great options. 

Final Thoughts

Both online and offline slot games have their advantages and disadvantages. However, online slots’ advantages seem to outweigh their disadvantages. Not only do you have a bigger variety to choose from online but it is also more convenient and accessible. Regardless, offline slots still hold some charm as many still prefer to play at physical slots as opposed to online slots.