Nashville Apartment Security & Safety Tips for Renters

Nashville is not a place with a high crime rate or so. The city has good laws and regulations to keep peace throughout all the neighborhoods. Not to mention, living in an apartment in Nashville can be a mind-blowing experience as there are lots of services, and most of the time, the owners are pretty responsive. Well, with these being said, you can’t neglect the importance of having proper safety measures in your apartment.

While maintaining many apartments, the owner can easily forget or ignore some parts that can later turn into huge issues. Not to mention, as a resident, you also should take part in keeping your apartment safe. If you have already found suitable Nashville apartments for rent, check this list to have some idea of security measures.

Check the Locks

Even before you move into your apartment, while you are exploring it, you should check the windows and doors carefully to ensure that they have proper locking mechanisms and all locks are working perfectly. Thieves and robbers are most likely to target apartments with locking issues. But that is not all. If your house faces any accidental smoke or so, you need to open all the windows as quickly as possible. That is why your windows need to be properly functional.

To Tackle Fire Issues

If you are new to the apartment, be sure to check the location of the fire extinguisher in it. Additionally, there usually are two of them you can get access to in most apartment buildings. Aside from each apartment, there also should be one in the main hall. Know its position too. Do not forget to make sure that your smoke detector is properly working. All apartment buildings have an emergency evacuation system in any part of it. Know its position. After you are done cooking, make sure to turn the stove off properly. Finally, try not to rush too much if a fire accident happens.


As you use your bathroom every day, the pipes or showers may suddenly malfunction. If that happens, be sure to inform the owner as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you may face greater problems later. So, neglecting it is not an option.

Electrical Issues

You should inform the owner or fix it yourself if you see any electrical issue in the apartment. While fixing, wear protective gloves. Do not keep a wire exposed. Instead, wrap the head with duct tapes until they are fixed.

Arrange Your Items Properly

After you use any item, you may neglect to put it in the right place. But that is a bad habit and may cause issues later. Regarding this, put your valuable items in a safe or locker. Meanwhile, keep other necessary items such as maintenance tools, DIY tools, and medical kits nearby so that you can find them fast at emergency times.


Finally, inform any matter to your owner or the authorities. After you have moved into your house, be sure that all your valuable items have insurance on them. If a fire catches or an earthquake happens, do not panic and work together. Call fire-fighters and local polices quickly if it is needed.